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Greeting Christmas 「Christmas carnival design competition」launch at Flora Expo Blossom Pavilion

Christmas party
Christmas party

Taichung Flora Expo「Christmas carnival design competition」has invited 19 domestic floriculture design groups to participate in the creative competition with the theme of Christmas. Their artworks would be exhibited from today (21st) to January 6th in the「Blossom Pavilion」of Flora Expo Houli Horse Ranch Expo Site. Flora Expo office, Chief Executive Officer, Kun-Ming Kuo said, the brightest star in Taichung Flora Expo is the「Blossom Pavilion」and we proposed the design competition with the them of Christmas to greet the upcoming festival and show the technology and power of Taiwan flower industry to the world. Please join in us to enjoy with us.
「Christmas carnival design competition」was opened today and the award ceremony was conducted concurrently to have the Flora Expo office, Chief Executive Officer, Kun-Ming Kuo to award one Golden Award, 2 Silver Awards, 3 Copper Awards and 3 Excellence Awards.

Chief Executive Officer Kuo has indicated, in order to greet the warm and romantic Christmas, the competition held in「Blossom Pavilion」are full of the Christmas atmosphere.「Christmas carnival design competition」was conducted under the participation of 19 invited domestic floriculture design groups by adopting common poinsettia, goldrest, Calocedrus macrolepis, dusty miller etc. as the materials to design their floriculture artworks. With the colorful flowers and plants matching with each other, a dreamy and silver white scenery of the snow world was created under a lively Christmas atmosphere.

Chief Executive Officer Kuo mentioned, the brightest star in Taichung Flora Expo is「Blossom Pavilion」 which reflects how the flowers is closely connected with the daily lives of Taiwanese and draw the attentions of the everyone of the world on Taichung Flora Expo; in particular,「Blossom Pavilion」has collected the efforts and designed artworks of the floriculture experts and groups from Northern to Southern Taiwan and curated them in different exhibitions. These artworks have shown the power of Taiwanese flower industry and thanks for the participation’s of the judges to work with as many as 100 florist groups to make the event successfully presented to everyone.

The first Golden award was named as「Christmas party」which is different from the regular red color of the common poinsettia and adopted the white color of the snow view in addition to the foam board and special papers to build the castle, streets and white Christmas trees to elaborate the classical story about how the Santa Clause to send the gifts to the children by passing through the chimney. This very special artwork won the appreciations of the judges and awarded with NT$10 thousand dollars.

  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-22
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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