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The great show “The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath” was unveiled today at the Wai Pu Park Area of the Floral Expo

The Taiwan Youth Dancing Company -	The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath – presented to you during the Winter Holidays.
The Taiwan Youth Dancing Company - The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath – presented to you during the Winter Holidays.
The glamor of the 2018 World Floral Expo in Taichung never ends! The Taiwan Youth Dancing Company presents the “Cerasus Serrulata Wreath” to tell the legend of the leopard cat family transcending through time and space for a thousand years. This work of children’s fiction talks about how only one member of the leopard cat family could transcend time and space, and unveils the story of “The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath.” The show will be presented today (18th) at the Beehive Theatre of the Wai Pu Park Area. This show highlights the joyous fantasy of arts during the wintry holidays.

A series of spectacular entertainment programs were arranged at the Hou Li and Wai Pu Park Area of Taichung for the World Floral Expo. The Chong Rong Dancing Company, and Acme Physical Dance Theater, renowned local dancing troupes, were invited to perform on stage. The public positively responded to the performances.
The performance of the children’s show, “The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath,” is a joint performance of the Blue Sky Theater, Youth Senior High School Choreography Section and Film and Television Section at the invitation of the Taiwan Youth Dancing Company. It is completed through the joint efforts of the Performing Art Section and different artists. This event will cheer up the Wai Pu Park Area of the World Flora Expo during the Spring Festival holiday, according to the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

The theme of “The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath” depicts the story of the leopard cat family in the legend from a thousand years ago where only one of them could transcend time and space. This is a work of children’s fiction full of joy and fantasy, it is the first children’s show in the history of the repertoire of the World Floral Expo. The show will be presented at the Bee Hive Theater of the Wai Pu Park Area during the Spring Festival. There will be daily shows starting from February 17, from 14:00 to 16:00, except on Chinese New Year’s Eve, according to the Cultural Affairs Bureau.
The story of “The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath” talks about the leopard cat family of the Stone Age, their decreasing quantity and their shrinking habitat. While commemorating their family members, they accidentally triggered the thousand-year “Cerasus Serrulata Wreath” which made them return to the jungle war of the Stone Age where they jointly witness the development of human beings with a primitive female. The story continues with the harmonious co-existence between human beings and nature where there is mutual respect and inspiration. The show is filled with warmth and laughter, and it also gives the message of environmental protection, the Cultural Affairs Bureau added.

The Director of the Taiwan Youth Dancing Company, Hung Hsu-Ling, a veteran of choreography education in Taichung, acted as the artistic director of “The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath.” She privately invited six masters of performing arts in Taiwan, including Director Ju Chung-Ching of the Ju Percussion Group and Director Chao Chi-Chiang of the IfKids Children’s Theater Company, to act as the musical and theater advisors of “The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath.” Professor Liu Pei-Neng, a seasoned master of theater art also acted as the production advisor to ensure the quality of the show, the Cultural Affairs Bureau emphasized.

The screenwriter and director Chien Kang-Ming, costume designer Chung Tou-Tou, musical arranger Hsu Sheng-Chin and musical designer Hsieh Yu-Lang are all outstanding experts on performing arts. They customized a brand-new script as well as costumes, music, songs and dances that go with the theme of the World Floral Expo in order to present a fantastic child opera show exclusive to the World Flora Expo.
There are more than 70 performers skilled in music, dancing and drama participating in “The Cerasus Serrulata Wreath,” and there are more than 150 roles in the show, according to screenwriter and director Chien Kang-Ming. The performers will extend their performances to the seating area, so that the viewers could feel the pleasure and fantasy as if they were really in the world depicted in the show.
The theme of the opera show aims to implant the notion of a friendly environment into the minds of the children because only when human beings and nature co-exist peacefully for a proper balance could a positive and friendly cycle be accomplished, and only then could mutual respect, tolerance and a harmonious world of love could be realized, he went on.
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-01-18
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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