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Chinese New Year Travel Destination - Labor Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government Recommends Zhaixing Villa Start-Up Hub

Guangfu Village
Guangfu Village
The 9-day New Year’s holiday is drawing nearer, Labor Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government recommends start-up hubs at Guangfu Village, Audit Village, and Zhaixing Villa, where a diverse selection of Chinese New Year gift boxes are available for the public’s shopping convenience, including foodstuff, cultural and creative merchandise and commodities. In addition, the exquisite 2019 Plucking Star Youth Shopping Catalogue is offered to consumers free of charge. Everyone is welcome to visit the start-hubs and experience the creativity and energy of Taichung’s young entrepreneurs.

According to Labor Affairs Bureau, Guangfu Village in Wufeng was formerly a dormitory for the dependents of Provincial Government employees. Subsequently, it was renovated by the city government, and the Taichung Dream campaign was launched to attract young entrepreneurs. The existing space was successfully revitalized, and young store owners mainly engage in art creation, cultural and creative trinkets, and food services. Other facilities include DIY experience and family activities such as aquaponics and corrugated paper labyrinth. During the Chinese New Year, Plucking Star youths will be hosting myriads of interesting events including Night Market in Guangfu Village, oracle bone script calligraphy joint exhibition and riddles; the entertaining and educational activities are ideal for families.

The Audit Village in the West District was a dormitory for employees from the Provincial Government’s Audit Office. Located near the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the cultural and creative cluster of Calligraphy Greenway, Plucking Star youths have applied the entrepreneurial theme of cultural and creative design and light meals in conjunction with the adjacent Taichung Green Parkway, Fantasy Story Cultural and Creative Cluster, and Taichung Civic Square to create the unique cultural and creative green art gallery. In recent years, Audit Village’s unique stores and ambiance have transformed it into an extremely popular scenic attraction for taking photographs and checking-in on Facebook. During the Chinese New Year, Audit Village will organize several Moon Markets, featuring a plethora of products that emanate youthful creativity and innovation.

According to Labor Affairs Bureau, Zhaixing Villa in Tanzi is a century-old municipal historic monument. The archaic complex is a traditional residential complex with two halls multiple wing rooms, featuring exquisite relieves, Koji pottery, ornamental painting, and architectural structure. Plucking Star youths have introduced food services and handicrafts to the villa, while the management team from Da Chi Nei Yun have designed lively, interesting historic monument guided tours, Year of the Dog Treasure Map, Orienteering Treasure Hunt, New Year’s Wheel of Fortune (purchase window grille pastry to spin the Wheel of Fortune), Fortune Deity (red envelop lucky draw for purchases of coffee meeting the specified amount), Holdonemoon Ancient House Culinary Feast (Aromatic Prosperity Chicken Gourmet Delicacy), New Year’s Market, Baby Grab Object Event, and Gossip About Zhaixing Villa etc.

Furthermore, Labor Affairs Bureau has also combined cultural and creative merchandises from all 3 start-up hubs and published 2019 Plucking Star Youth Shopping Catalogue, featuring the achievements of the Taichung Dream campaign, including various gift boxes, foodstuffs, cultural and creative products, and commodities. Each start-up hub is unique in its own right, and everyone is welcome to bring their families here to appreciate the creativity and energy of Taichung’s young entrepreneurs. The online version of 2019 Plucking Star Youth Shopping Catalogue (http://online.fliphtml5.com/apcef/vkmm/#p=1). For more event details, please visit Taichung Dream official website (http://www.tcdream.taichung.gov.tw/) or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/catchstarTaichung).
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-01-23
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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