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Distinguished Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa visits Taiwan to discuss her exhibition at the Taichung flora expo Blossom Pavilion

Mika Ninagawa visits Taiwan to discuss her exhibition
Mika Ninagawa visits Taiwan to discuss her exhibition

Taichung flora expo invited renowned Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa to stage a solo exhibition at the Blossom Pavilion in Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo Site inspired by her flower collection. In addition to photographs, images of flowers and reflections are combined to create the world of flowers entitled Eternal Scape. Today (14th) Mika Ninagawa made an appearance in Taichung to introduce her works and take the audience on a journey to the world of vibrant flowers captured through her camera lens and listen to the Sound of Blooming. Deputy Mayor Bruce Linghu thanked Mika Ninagawa for bringing such a scintillating exhibition, as it has become the highlight of the flora expo, attracting more than 5.6 million visitors to date. He extended his invitation to visitors from around the world to visit the flora expo.

Education Bureau hosted the “Press Conference for Mika Ninagawa's Exhibition at the Taichung Flora Expo and Her Visit to Taiwan” today, and Deputy Mayor Linghu attended the function accompanied by Education Bureau Director-General Chen-sheng Yang and Taichung flora Expo spokesperson I-han Huang. Mika Ninagawa shared the creative features of her exhibition at the Taichung flora expo with the audience and a film introducing the theme exhibition was also screened. Other guests include Global Energy Corp. President Masahiko Suzuki, Rich Development Group Taiwan Green Power Company General Manager Chien-hsun Li, Taiwan-Japan Relations Association Deputy Secretary-General Ching-hung Lin, Taiwan Floriculture Development Association Deputy General Manager Li-chuan Huang, Mika Ninagawa official agency President Hidetake Kanaya, and AIPP Chairman Noriko Danjo, creating a bustling ambiance.

According to Deputy Mayor Linghu, Mika Ninagawa is a prominent photographer in Japan and across the world who draws inspiration from flowers, capturing colors and lighting with surgical precision in presenting the diverse beauty of flowers. Her works embody the vivacity of flowers and allow the audience to Listen to the Sound of Blooming.

Deputy Mayor Linghu commented that it is the city hall's privilege to invite Mika Ninagawa to showcase her creations at the Blossom Pavilion, which serves as a highlight of the flora expo. He also thanked the support shown by Mika Ninagawa and various parties. As the number of visitors to the flora expo surpasses 5.6 million and reaching the 6 million mark, AIPH Secretary General Tim Briercliffe also commended the city hall for maintaining the flora expo in such excellent condition, which goes to demonstrate the endeavors and performance of Taichung City.

Mika Ninagawa suggested that she is very fond of Taiwan and has visited Taiwan on numerous occasions, including the solo exhibition in Taipei. When she received the invitation from Taichung city hall to participate in the flora expo, she wanted to design unique creations by employing an abundance of flowers. Her photographs form perfect reflections over the water to present the audience with an unconventional visual experience.

Mika Ninagawa mentioned that she is glad to take the opportunity of exhibiting in the flora expo to facilitate Taiwan-Japan relations. She expressed gratitude towards the city hall for giving her the opportunity as well as Global Energy Corp. and Rich Development Group Taiwan Green Power Company for sponsoring her solo exhibition.

Global Energy Corp. President Masahiko Suzuki indicated that he did not have any contact with Taiwan previously, but through Mika Ninagawa's collaboration with Taichung flora expo, he is able to form a bond with Taiwan. Rich Development Group Taiwan Green Power Company General Manager Chien-hsun Li was grateful for the chance to invite Mika Ninagawa to touch the heart of the public via the vibrant colors of her artwork.

The Education Bureau said that since the flora expo opened on November 3 last year, Mika Ninagawa was invited to stage a solo exhibition at the Blossom Pavilion and became the Ambassador of Art at the flora expo, in turn attracting a large number of visitors. Mika Ninagawa's extravagant, stunning creations have become her hallmark style. Her works have expanded to products in various industries such as clothing, leather bags, accessories, aircraft fuselage, and car body graphics.

Mika Ninagawa has also collaborated with hot spring hotels, transforming the entire building into a massive art installation and exhibition space. The advertising graphics she has designed for Taichung flora expo are featured on the stations along the optimized bus lane. It is hoped that besides serving the purposes of advertising citizens of Taichung will also be able to appreciate works of art in everyday life through her creations.

  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-03-15
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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