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The Visit to Taichung City Government by the US State Government Office Representatives; Deputy Mayor Linghu Called for Deepening Exchanges in Economics and Trade

Visit of ASOA Representatives to Deputy Mayor
Visit of ASOA Representatives to Deputy Mayor
Representative of the ASOA (American State Offices Association) visited Taichung City Government today (the 14th) for exchanges in economics and trade, education, culture, and tourism and were welcomed by Deputy Mayor Bruce J.D. Linghu. Deputy Mayor Linghu said when he served as the Director of the Department of North American Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; he worked closely with ASOA and built good partner relationship. Taichung has high potential in investment and attracts more Taiwanese businesses to come back; he hoped that in the future, more sister city relationships can be developed to promote better interactions.

Deputy Linghu today on behalf of Mayor Lu Shiwo-Yen met five representatives from ASOA including the State of Hawaii U.S.A. Taiwan Office in Taipei and Vice President of ASOA, Alex Lei; Director for State of Florida, Taiwan Office, Wennie Chen; State of Idaho – Asia Trade Office, Eddie Yen; and Director of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Taiwan Office of Trade & Investment, Irene Tsai, and Director of State of Wyoming - Asia Pacific Trade Office, Chester Chu. Both sides exchanged thoughts on general issues including economics and trade, education, culture, tourism, and the building of sister city relationships.

Deputy Mayor Linghu said in addition to the expansion of Taiwan’s biggest IC maker, Micron, in Taichung. Recently many Taiwanese businesses have returned to Taichung including the investment announcement of the leading bicycle maker, Giant Manufacturing Co., at the value of five billion. In the future, more and bigger investment projects will choose Taichung as their site that demonstrates great potential for economic development.

Deputy Mayor Linghu pointed out that Taichung City at present has nearly 20 twin towns and sister cities. When he served as the Director of the Department of North American Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he worked closely with state offices and developed good partnerships. In the future, he hoped that Taichung can interact with more cities in North America for more advanced relationship.

Alex Lei, State of Hawaii U.S.A. Taiwan Office in Taipei and Vice President of ASOA, said the Association was established more than 30 years ago and has members from eight states of the United States. Today, they came to visit their old friend, Deputy Mayor Linghu to show their gratitude for his assistance to them during his post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Vice President Lei, state offices focus their work to promote economic and trade exchanges between the US and Taiwan. Additionally, they all hope to also promote exchanges between Taiwan’s top universities and high schools to deepen educational development of both sides. Taichung is a beautiful city and its tall skyscrapers demonstrate the urban vigor and he looks forward to wider cooperation with Taichung.

The ASOA was founded in July, 1987 by state government offices of the US in Taiwan aiming for the enhancement of trade and economic cooperation between states of the US and Taiwan to assist business and governmental cooperation and exchanges in investment, trade, education, tourism and culture.

At present, eight member state offices include those from Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Washington.
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-03-15
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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