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Votes for Taichung's 100 Best Wedding Photo Scenic Sites, Kaomei Wetland Came to the Top as the Most Beautiful Ecological Landscape

Kaomei Wetland in Chingshui, the Champion of Ecological Landscape Group
Kaomei Wetland in Chingshui, the Champion of Ecological Landscape Group
In order to promote the tourism industry, the Tourism Office of Taichung City Government organized the event of “Votes of Taichung's 100 Best Wedding Photo Scenic Sites” to increase awareness and attractiveness of scenic sites and the 219 scenic sites entered the second phase of votes. Today (the 29th), the final results were announced and the champions of ecological landscape, natural scenic site, cultural scenic site, and industrial cluster site went to “Kaomei Wetland” in Chingshui, “the Mini Dome” in Beitun, “Shen Ma Jun Recreational Farm” in Shengang, “Huangxi Academy” in Dadu, and “Moncoeur” in Beitun.

Results of “Votes of Taichung's Top 100 Wedding Photo Scenic Sites” were announced at the Civic Building on Taiwan Boulevard and the Tourism Office of Taichung City said the top votes for ecological landscapes went to “Kaomei Wetland” where the windmills that incorporate the sunset scene was voted by visitors on the well-known Japanese tourist website, H.I.S., as one of the top ten most popular overseas scenes in autumn and this time, it went to the top spot.

The semi-sphere “Mini Dome,” the winner of featured architecture, symbolizes “a perfect match composed of two blessed semi-circles, a lady and a gentleman” for the couple to take wedding photos in front of the architecture of the lucky symbol; “Shen Ma Jun Recreational Farm” in Shengang District provides opportunities to get close to horses and the couple are able to take photos with good looks, comfort, and vigor. The Herb Glass House newly built at the farm is surrounded by yellow rape flowers adding a romantic dash to the atmosphere.

Built with beautiful and refined sculpture bricks, “Huangxi Academy” gives the couple nostalgic sentiment; exotic buildings in “Moncoeur” won its votes because of its story-like scenes.

Lin Shiau-chi, Director of the Tourism Office, said there are two phases in this voting event. In Phase 1, 219 scenic sites in total were effectively recommended by 29 District Offices and online users and are categorized as the five types of scenic sites: Natural, Cultural, Featured Building, Ecological Landscape, and Industrial Cluster. These scenic sites include famous Star Villa, Green Waterway, Worry Free Valley, the Luce Chapel, and Art Garden. There are 20 scenic sites selected under one of five themes, constituting top 100 wedding photo scenic sites in Taichung.

Lin stated it is less than 50% for a scenic site to enter Phase 2 and many district offices were campaigning for their sites to gain local honor; there were a total of 26, 609 votes. The selected top 100 wedding photo scenic sites have their own features and the competition was very fierce.

Director Lin said this voting event of top 100 wedding photo scenic sites was inspired by the concept to promote the economy after Mayor Liu took over the office and led other cities around Taiwan. Taichung first promoted the wedding dress industry that presents the happiness economics. Incorporated with the most popular online voting mechanism, the voting event of wedding photo scenic sites has been launched to create voice of sharing and visibility for Taichung, to further build new tourism models for Taichung, and discover more highlights to attract overseas visitors to Taichung.

To encourage people to participate in the voting, under the witness of lawyers, 72 lucky draw prizes of 11 categories including round-trip tickets of Mandarin Airlines between Taichung and Tokyo were given away on the site today; for voters who plan to get married this year, a special prize of food and accommodation of one night and two days was prepared plus free wedding photos. Various other wonderful prizes were prepared.

Director Lin pointed out that Tourism Office will integrate relevant industrial resources including foods, accommodation, recreation, shopping, and entertainment voted to propose 30 recommended trips to welcome the newly wed to come to Taichung to take their wedding photos. Lovers and YouTubers are also welcome.

For voting results of “Votes of Top 100 Wedding Photo Scenic Sites” and 30 recommended trips, please visit Taichung Travel Website ( https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/ ) and Fanpage of Play in Taichung ( https://zh-tw.facebook.com/taichungresort/ ).

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  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-04-02
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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