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“One More Investment Project in Taichung!” Contact Signing of Mitsui Investment in TaiSugar Taichung Factory for the Building of LaLaport to Boost Development in East District

One More Investment Project in Taichung- Contact Signing of Mitsui Investment in TaiSugar Taichung Factory for the Building of LaLaport to Boost Development in East District
One More Investment Project in Taichung- Contact Signing of Mitsui Investment in TaiSugar Taichung Factory for the Building of LaLaport to Boost Development in East District
To continuously optimize investment environment, Taichung City Government actively invites investment and the Japanese enterprise, Mitsui, not only built “Mitsui Outlet Park” in Taichung Harbor but also increased its investment in TaiSugar Lakeside Ecological Park in East District. Today (the 27th) Mitsui and TaiSugar Corporation held the Contract Signing Ceremony for the land ownership at TaiSugar Taichung Factory to jointly build the parent-child shopping mall, “Mitsui Shopping Park-LaLaport,” where is the second business operation sites of Mitsui in Taichung. The construction is expected to begin in 2020 and to complete in 2023 and more business opportunities will be brought to East District.

The Japanese business, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. obtained the optimal price negotiation right for land of TaiSugar Taichung Factory in the business district last year and today, it held the Contract Signing Ceremony for the land ownership(Zone C and E) with TaiSugar Corporation at Taichung Industry Story Hall and the Ceremony was attended by Minister of Transportation and Communications, Lin Chia-lung, Deputy Mayor of Taichung City, Yang Chiun-Ying, General Manager of TaiSugar Corporation, Guan Dao-Yi, Executive Director of Mitsui Fudosan, Akihiko Funaoka, President of Mitsui Fudosan, Taiwan, Satoru Ohashi, Councilmen of Taichung City, He Ming-cheng and Lo Ting-Wei, Director of Bureau of Economic Development, Hank Kao, Director of East District, Chen Pei-Yu, and community leaders. Additionally, Legislators Yen Kuan-Heng and Huang Kuo-shu, Deputy Speaker, Li-Ming Yen, and Councilmen, Chiu Su-chen and Cheng Kung-chin also sent their staff to attend the Ceremony.

Deputy Mayor Yang pointed out that with the assistance of Taichung City Government, Mitsui's first investment project in Taichung, “Outlet Park Taichung Harbor” was open in the end of last year and attract huge crowds and cash flow that leads to business development of neighbor areas. This year, 8 million shoppers are expected to visit the Park with a sales revenue of 5 billion. Unlike the Outlet Park Taichung Harbor focusing on brand names, apparels, and sports goods, this time Mitsui's development project in East District under the name of LaLaport targeting on parents and children with the aim to expand to a new market and to seize new business opportunities.

Deputy Mayor Yang said she felt touched for attending the Ceremony in person and finally, this “treasure land” of TaiSugar at the scale of 4.4 hectares idled for 28 years was discovered by its operator, Mitsui, and Mitsui's continuous investment in Taichung indicate its confidence in the economic development of Taichung. The presence of LaLaport will bring new opportunities for East District and vigor to Taichung.

Deputy Mayor Yang further stated since Mayor Liu took over the post, she repeatedly emphasizes on “striving for economic growth and has been very concerned of investment invitation. The City Government will continuously enhance investment invitation through policies, international marketing, industrial alliance, and construction of high quality investment environment. After Mitsui begins its actual investment phase, the Government will give full support for administration processes and investment barriers to boost overall economic development and create jobs.

General Manager of TaiSugar Corporation Guan Daoyi said Taichung Factor was built in 1912 and due to economic change, it was shut down in 1990. The land was idled for 28 years and thank for the assistance of the City Government, it is able to cooperate with Mitsui and with the investment of Mitsui in Taichung, Taichung's economy will make more progresses.

Executive Director of Mitsui Fudosan, Akihiko Funaoka, said this land has a history over one hundred years, and today's contract signing is very meaningful and in the future, Mitsui will equip sounder facilities in LaLaport including metropolitan, fashion, family, and dining functions to attract consumers to stay here longer. It is expected to bring more than 2,000 jobs.

According to Bureau of Economic Development, after its long-time efforts, the City Government helped Mitsui and TaiSugar Corporation to complete the complicated business invitation procedure and along with the connection of front and rear Taichung Train Station, East District now has many business opportunities and Mistui's LaLaport will become a new headquarters for East Taichung.

Bureau of Economic Development pointed out that Lakeside Ecological Park, located at the back of Taichung Train Station, is TaiSugar's largest development project in the recent years with the scale of 7.7 hectares divided into five zones for the right of land development on the ground. Mitsui currently acquired the right for two zones (C and E) and the Ceremony of Contract Signing was held at the adjacent Taichung Industry Story Hall; both lands are designated for commercial use with the area approximately of 4.4 hectares. In the future, the shopping mall and Taichung Industry Story Hall will become the highlights of East District. With convenient traffic, more people will come here to shop.
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-04-02
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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