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Final countdown for Taichung flora expo – Celebrity Sean Lee appointed one-day store manager to promote flora expo memorabilia

Celebrity Sean Lee appointed one-day store manager at the Taichung flora expo souvenir shop and takes photos with tourists
Celebrity Sean Lee appointed one-day store manager at the Taichung flora expo souvenir shop and takes photos with tourists
As the Taichung counts down to its conclusion, in order to encourage the public to buy flora expo products, Taichung City Hall has appointed celebrity Sean Lee as the one day manager of the souvenir shop at the Horse Ranch Expo Site, where he not only marketed flora expo merchandises but also helped tourists to check out and package their souvenirs. Moreover, he took selfies with his fans, attracting many tourists to purchase the products and creating a bustling vibe in the shop.

Today, Sean Lee took time off filming and turned into an elite salesperson, introducing popular products to tourists at the Houli Horse Ranch Expo Site. In addition, he helped to check out people's purchases at the cashier and took selfies with the first 10 patrons in the queue, attracting many fans to the cashier. The staff and volunteers were also drawn in by the infectious ambiance.

According to Sean Lee, out of all the flora expo memorabilia, he especially recommends the chubby Leo doll and dashing Omi Horse throw pillow. The Leo doll is big, adorable and comfortable to hold while the Omi Horse throw pillow doubles as a seat and waist cushion, and its soft whiskers are fun and soothing to play with.

Sean Lee pointed out that this is his first trip to the Taichung flora expo; he feels the pleasant weather and warm hospitality in Taichung perfectly complement the breathtaking landscapes in the expo site, therefore he is keen to visit the flora expo after completing his duties as the one-day store manager.

As the first person in the checkout queue, student Cheng said that when the class came to the flora expo for their school trip, they were supposed to watch the equestrian performance first, but when they learned that Sean Lee was coming to the venue, everyone immediately rushed to the souvenir shop. Since her teacher knew she is a huge fan of Sean Lee, the teacher purchased a flora expo memorabilia to save her a spot for taking a photo with Sean Lee. She was over the moon.

Ms. Lin from Taichung commented that she has visited the flora expo several times, and she was lucky to purchase a limited edition fortune packet worth NT$1,500 for just NT$399, and she was also able to take a selfie with Sean Lee, how exciting!

Manager Yang of the flora expo souvenir shop revealed that the most popular memorabilia include mascot commemorative t-shirts, baseball caps, and dolls. Most of the products were sold out after the Children's Day/Tomb Sweeping Day long weekend.

Although the stocks are being replenished, demand is still outstripping supply, therefore consumers interested in buying flora expo souvenirs must hurry while stocks last.

In addition, besides the Leopard Cat Family and Omi Horse-related products, the diligent souvenir development team at Taichung flora expo also collaborated with renowned art brands in Taiwan to launch a series of cultural and creative merchandises such as glass, stone sculpture, stationery, and commodities, hoping to showcase Taiwan's creative energy to the world via the international platform of the flora expo.

Founded over 2 decades ago, tittot has infused flora elements to create the elegant masterpiece "Peaceful Spring", which has proven to be very popular and many visitors have made inquiries about the product. Gallery Chuan, a Taichung-based art gallery, produced the enchanting "Beauty of Taiwan – Protecting Native Species" stone sculpture collection by drawing inspiration from Taiwanese native animals species including leopard cat, Formosan black bear, Taiwan blue magpie, Formosan landlocked salmon, and egret. The legendary Lotudit Art Gallery transformed Matisse of the Chinese World - Yi-fen Liang's paintings into postcards, notebooks, L folders, and umbrellas, making them the highlight of floral expo cultural and creative merchandises.

According to the Economic Development Bureau, the flora expo offers something for everyone such as aesthetics, amusement, and shopping. The souvenir shop has unveiled numerous promotional offers and limited edition fortune packets every day to provide the tourists with surprises and wonderful memories. The flora expo will draw to an end on April 24, so be sure to visit the flora expo and purchase memorabilia before the time runs out!
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-04-10
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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