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Countdown, 9 days until the Floral Expo The 7,000,000th Guest will win an iPhone X

Hulundun Park
Hulundun Park
The Floral Expo in Taichung has been earning its fame ever since the beginning. Cumulatively, there have been 6.93 million visitors to the event. It is expected that it will attract more than 7 million visitors. Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu mentioned yesterday that the 7,000,000th visitor will win a “big prize.” Deputy Secretary-General Chen Ru-Chang of the Taichung City Government also mentioned today (15th) that this big prize is an iPhone X. By offering this prize, they hope that the visitor population of the event could reach a record high. The Floral Expo will end on April 24 and Chen hoped that the people could make use of these last few days to visit the expo and get the chance to win the big prize.

The Taichung City Government has offered free admission to the park for the expo since January 1 of the year after Mayor Lu assumed office. Taichung residents, new immigrants and children under the age of 12 from all over the world could be admitted free of charge with the presentation of the ID card, resident visa and passports from their respective countries. The entertainer Pai Chia-Li was also invited to act as the spokesperson. The event’s highlight was the personal exhibition of the famous Japanese photographer Ninagawa Mika at the main exhibition hall of Houli Park, the “Floral Dancing Hall.” The topics and events are expected to attract more visitors, and there will be more than 7 million visitors attracted to the scene.

New Taipei Mayor Hou You-yi visited the Houli Park yesterday and put down the “Grand Slam of the Heads of Six Municipalities” record of visit. Taichung Mayou Lu Shiow-yen also mentioned that a “big prize” will be conferred to the 7,000,000th visitor. Deputy Secretary-General Chen Ru-Chang of the Taichung City Government further mentioned today that this big prize is an iPhone X. He hoped that he could share the joy with the public for hitting the record of more than 7 million visitors to the event.

According to Deputy Secretary-General Chen, gurus from different fields were gathered at the Taichung Floral Expo. Many local enterprises also supported the event. The Park housed the biggest mechanical flower-the “Listen to the Blooming Sound of Flower,” the first Art Museum of recycled paper of the world” – “Energetic Dragon and Tiger Hall,” the first sustainable structure of Taiwan made of grass straw fillings – “Home for Four”, the biggest 556” TV wall of Taiwan for demonstration of the life span of plants –“AU Smiling Beauty Hall,” the biggest bamboo building of Taiwan – “Bamboo Trait Hall,” and the 240-meter long and 0.2cm thin iron sheet cutting art works. They were the only specific features of architecture and creation in either the world or Taiwan to show the soft and hard powers of Taiwan. The Floral Expo will be closed on April 24, so the public is urged to make use of these last few days to experience this world-renowned event.
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-04-15
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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