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Thank You All for Your Efforts! “Continuation and Innovation”- A Successful Closing of Taichung World Flora Expo for a Better and Prosperous Future

Listen to the Sound of Blossom at the Forest Park of Houli in the Expo
Listen to the Sound of Blossom at the Forest Park of Houli in the Expo
After the successful organization over 173 days, today (the 24th) concluded the Taichung World Flora Expo. In the six-month expo, various pavilions won international awards for the environmental friendly spirit and inter-disciplinary and diverse exhibitions and were highly praised. After the new city government staff took over the office, the adjustment and improvement works attracted visitors exceeding seven million. During the Expo, green production, nature ecology and natural human culture were initiated. Mayor Lu especially thanked the support and execution of former mayors, Mr. Jason Hu and Mr. Lin Chia-lung as well as all city government and Expo staff for their efforts to make the Expo a successful one. The City Government said policies will be continued and the innovative and the Expo spirit will not come to an end. Ecological conservation and sustainable development will also be continuously promoted to bring more good things to Taichung.

According to the City Government, the Taichung Flora Expo occupies a total area of more than 60 hectares with a total budget of more than eight billion. It was sponsored and supported by top professionals from various fields and local businesses. In addition to the participation of more than 30 countries, precious records were created.

Based on the Expo theme, “GNP - Rediscover Green, Nature and People,” that presents the good value of harmonious and balanced development of green production, nature ecology and people’s culture and life, the Expo conveyed a brand new concept aiming to rebuild the closest connection between people and nature. “The Taichung Declaration” was written based on sustainable development and co-prosperity and that Declaration was signed by representatives from 50 countries, 178 cities, and international organizations. It is now one of the official documents of AIPH. In order to deepen ecological conservation concept, the Expo selected the leopard cat as the mascot to call for public awareness of ecological conservation and sustainable development of environment.

The Expo invited top professionals both domestic and international from various field including the architect who designed for the Tokyo 2020 National Olympic Stadium, Kengo Kuma; the Japanese prominent photographer, Mika Ninagawa; the international floriculture master, Kuo Chih-kai; the well-known architect, Shu Yuan Wu; and the landscape architect, Kung Shu-Chang to curate and plan. They demonstrated the interdisciplinary cooperative spirit during the Expo organization that respects heritage and professionalism and integrates diverse values to successfully present the features of three parks.

The Houli Forest Park, for example, features a 15-meter high large scale installation artwork, “Listening to the Sound of Blossom” designed by LuxuryLogic, the design team for the Universiade Taipei 2017 torch. On the surface, visitors saw the composition of 697 flowers of a “Chinese Hat” and there was lighting image and sound simulating the blossom pattern for the vivid visual, hearing and other sensual enjoyment of visitors, the most presentative work of the Expo. Even the founder of Acer Inc., Stan Shih, became very interested in this large-scale installation art with the combination of arts, human culture and technology. Additionally, “the Sheng Loong Paper Pavilion” located in the forest presented posts of leopard cats by using more than 40,000 kg recycled corrugated paper to make 2,500 pieces of paper pillars to build the world’s first pavilion of recycled paper installation art.

“The Family of Four,” Taiwan’s first sustainable building built with rice stalks, was simultaneously presented with five international awards including the 2019 Germany iF Design Award, the US 2018 Architecture Masterprize, the 2018 London Design Awards Silver, the 2018 New York Design Awards Silver, and the US 2018 International Design Awards (IDA) Bronze. The “AUO Micro Gallery” was installed with Taiwan’s largest 556-inch TV panel and with the micro images of pollen for creation materials, rich and diverse dynamic images were shown, a popular photo site in the Expo.

Houli Horse Farm was equipped with the “equestrian arena” with the length of 110 meters and 70 meters width that meets the international standards where visitors could appreciate exciting equestrian performances as well as the longest iron sculpture in Taiwan that resembles paper cutting of the director and paper cutting artist, Frank Young outside the Blossom Pavilion with the size of 240 meters long and 0.2 centimeter thick.

Waipu Park installed the “decorated float of leopard cat” with a total length of 19 meters and five meters in height. It was voted as the top 1 decorated float in the 2017 National Day Celebration, the image of the park entrance. The 10-meter high “Bamboo Pavilion” in Hulutuan Park of Fengyuan is Taiwan’s largest bamboo building. With the bamboo image that presents the Central Mountain Range, it was nominated for the “World Architecture Festival and Awards,” which is also known as architecture’s Academy Awards.

The City Government said it is indeed the honor of the City and its people to organize such a big event like the Expo. It would like to thank everyone for their efforts, especially, the services provided by more than 20,000 voluntary workers for showcasing Taichung and the fascinating and beautiful Taiwan to the world. Mayor Lu also thanked the support of former mayors Jason Hu and Lin Chia-lung. The new staff of the City Government worked hard to organize a wonderful expo and after the conclusion of the Expo, many pavilions and hardware will be continuously used to provide opportunities to improve local development and living quality with Expo construction.

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  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-04-25
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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