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Taichung Film Fun-In Festival Kicks Off – Taichung City Hall Applies Alternative Marketing in the form of Taiwanese Drama – Action Tang Appointed as the Event Ambassador

  • Date: 2019-07-05
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Taichung Film Fun-In Festival Kicks Off – Taichung City Hall Applies Alternative Marketing in the form of Taiwanese Drama – Action Tang Appointed as the Event Ambassador

Taichung City Information Bureau's Taichung Film Fun-In Festival is about to kick off with the theme of Animation Films. The festival will take place across 29 districts of Taichung, besides a plethora of lottery prizes, celebrity Action Tang has also been appointed as the event's ambassador. Information Bureau officials also dressed up as actors from Taiwanese dramas, their excellent command of the Taiwanese language coupled with exhilarating dialogues have been produced into a quirky, playful promotional film, hoping to attract more people to attend this year's Film Fun-In Festival.

The Information Bureau held the 2019 Taichung Film Fun-In Festival – Animation Invasion press conference today (1st), where Deputy Mayor Chiung-ying Yang, City Councilor Ling-hsuan Jan, Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission Chairperson: Neng-ting Tseng, and Information Bureau Director General Huang-sheng Wu all turned out to promote the event. Voice talent Action Tang also attended the function as the event ambassador, using the voice of Sid from the renowned animation film Ice Age to introduce the features of this year's Taichung Film Fun-In Festival and invite the public to come to Taichung to watch movies.

In particular, the Information Bureau produced a 3-minute promotional short film entitled The Grumpy and the Cranky, featuring a cast consisting of entirely Information Bureau officials. The video mimics the title of a certain Taiwanese Drama as well as its plot of intertwining hatred and love between men and women; in addition to the hilarious dialogues, the important element of Taichung Film Fun-In Festival has been incorporated into the film to create the highly entertaining comedy.

According to Deputy Mayor Yang, this year's Taichung Film Fun-In Festival will take place from July 5 to September 14. Inspired by the theme of animation, the film festival will be screened across 29 districts of Taichung. Complimentary snacks and beverages are served at the venues, so please bring your family to Taichung to view animation films.

Deputy Mayor Yang also commented that in order to advance Taichung's film culture, the city hall's Central Taiwan Film Studios in Wufeng is slated for opening in late July, while the Central Taiwan Cinema Center in Shuinan Economic and Trade Park is expected to be completed by the end of next year, hoping to fully develop the film industry in Taichung. Celebrity Action Tang expressed that the films featured in this year's Taichung Film Fun-In Festival encompass broad dimensions including award-winning films from major film festivals, well-known Japanese cartoon Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island, famous US animations Incredibles 2, and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. These movies will be screened throughout various districts in Taichung, so there is no need to go to the cinema, simply come to a local park, auditorium or temple square to see the amazing collection of films. Everyone is invited to visit Taichung to watch movies.

Information Bureau Director General Huang-sheng Wu outlined that Taichung is committed to developing the film industry, apart from hosting the Taichung Film Fun-In Festival, a wide range of film-related activities will also be designed for the second half of the year, including the Golden Horse Classic Film Festival in August, a collaboration with Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee; from September to November, in addition to itinerant movie screenings in junior high schools and elementary schools, there is also the Taichung International Animation Festival and TCZS73 Theme Film Festival, etc. The aim is to expand the horizon of film viewing through extensive film-related activities.

The Information Bureau pointed out that the annual Taichung Film Fun-In Festival is a lauded and coveted event among citizens, as it is able to facilitate cultural balance and cultural accessibility between the urban and rural areas. This year, the theme of Animation Films is applied, incorporating the element of children's toys and giving out free snacks and drinks at the screening venues, allowing the public to enjoy the fun of watching movies amid a jovial ambiance. During the event, 32-inch LCD televisions and movie tickets are up for grabs as lottery prizes at each screening, and other prizes such as a 50-inch LCD television, return flight tickets to Hong Kong for 2, and children's toy airplanes for the opening and closing screening session, while stocks last!

Furthermore, Taichung Shopping Festival will be held from July 10 to August 18, by presenting the ticket stubs for promotional stores at the cinema during the shopping festival, you will be able to exchange it for a small gift at the Taichung Film Fun-In Festival, while stocks last. In addition, the Labor Affairs Bureau will be providing free massage experiences by blind masseurs. For more 2019 Taichung Film Fun-In Festival-related information, please refer to the official website (http://www.sgf3535.tw/2019movie/).

  • Date : 2019-07-01
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