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Traffic Control at Gaomei Wetland Proven to Be Extremely Effective - Transportation Bureau Encourages the Public Make Good Use of Shuttle Bus

  • Date: 2019-08-09
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Taichung City Transportation Bureau enforces traffic control at Gaomei Wetland and provides shuttle bus service for the public to improve tourist safety and tourism quality

During the peak travel season in summer, Gaomei Wetland is always a popular destination for domestic and international tourists. In light of this, Taichung City Hall has implemented traffic control during 14:00-20:00 at Meiti Street over the holidays. Furthermore, only pedestrians are allowed inside the area, and shuttle bus service has been arranged to take tourists from the parking lot to the boardwalk in 5-10 minutes. Since traffic control was enforced on July 13, 120 buses shuttle approximately 5,000 people every day, thereby maintaining smooth traffic flow and significantly improving the quality of tourism. Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government urges the tourists to make use of the shuttle bus service in order to maintain good recreational quality and safety, as well as protecting the ecological environment. In regards to taxis offering rides for outrageous prices, the Transportation Bureau will coordinate with the Policy Department to crack down on taxis not charging by the meter in order to protect the citizens' rights.

According to Transportation Bureau Director General Chao-fu Yeh, since the sun sets later in summer, therefore in order to let the public enjoy the breathtaking view of sunset over Gaomei Wetland, the bureau has requested the shuttle bus operator to accommodate for the difference in sunset times between summer and winter by extending the time of the last Route 309 bus to 19:16 in summer (passing through Gaomei Wetland Sanshun Station). However, there are still complaints from tourists that they are unable to board the bus in time, so the city hall has asked the bus operator to add the 19:30 for Route 309. If the tourists are still unable to board the bus, Route 178 and 688 buses bound for Qingshui Station are available after 19:30, and the public may transfer to Bus 9, 303, 304, and 305 at Qingshui to return to downtown Taichung.

In addition, concerning the complaints about taxis offering to take tourists to Gaomei Wetland at unreasonable prices, Director-General Yeh indicated that according to Article 91 of the Transportation Management Regulations, taxis should install a meter and charge accordingly, those who raise taxi fare haphazardly are in violation of the law and will be fined between NT$9,000 and NT$90,000 if they are found to be guilty. Taxi drivers are reminded not to defy the law. Meanwhile, if citizens discover taxi drivers not charging according to the meter, please file a complaint along with details such as license plate number, time, destination and fees. If the said offense is proven to be true, the taxi driver will be fined.

  • Date : 2019-08-06
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