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Versatile Taxi Launched in October. All New Imported Deluxe Vehicles are Going to Drive You through Taichung City by Appointment

  • Date: 2019-08-20
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
The versatile taxis will be launched in Taichung City to provide better quality services

In Taichung city, the “versatile taxi” will be launched in October. Different from the traditional yellow taxi, it is not yellow and without the roof light. It won’t be driving around town trying to find customers. It is fully operated by appointment only. Five companies, the Metropolitan Platform Technology, Chailease International, Taiwan Taxi Co., LTD., Yi Mei Transportation, and KS Taxi won the franchise for preparation. They will import deluxe vehicles for services. People can make appointments using apps for this whole new service, which will be charged at the rate of one to two times of regular taxis, different from the rates of the yellow cabs.

Director-General Yeh Chao-Fu of the Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government pointed out that this is intended to provide people with diverse and versatile quality taxi service at the Transportation Bureau versatile taxi review meeting. There were seven applications from various transportation companies. With the reviews of experts and scholars, five of them were qualified, including Metropolitan Platform Technology, Chailease International, Taiwan Taxi Co., LTD., Yi Mei Transportation, and KS Taxi. They should prepare the transportation team and file their applications for permits within three months. If they cannot complete the application, they will be allowed to apply once again within the 3 months limit.

Director-General Yeh said that different from regular yellow taxis, the new versatile taxis will be operated by appointment only. They are not allowed to find customers by driving along the roads. These taxis will not be colored yellow anymore as they will be different from the traditional ones. Without the roof light and the vacant light, people can make appointments using the Apps provided by the different companies. In addition, there will be total transparency for the ride. With the Apps, people will learn about the driver’s name, license number, the vehicle’s brand and model, estimated rate, and other information. People can pay by credit cards or mobile payment. They can also check the service ranking and transportation track records of the vehicles.

He stressed that the versatile taxi service will provide flexible rates and quality rates. In addition to imported deluxe vehicles, operators will offer disabled access vehicles for the convenience of people in need. The innovative operative mode will promote the competitiveness of the taxi service in Taichung City.

The Transportation Bureau advocates that if people needed taxi rides, they should only take taxis with a legal license because they are monitored by the government. By taking legal taxis people will be protected. If there are any controversies during the ride, there will be appropriate help from the authorities.

  • Date : 2019-08-13
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