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First Disney Timeless Story Theme Articulated Bus in Taiwan Makes Brief Appearance at the Front Square of Taichung City Hall – Citizens Eagerly Take Photos with the Bus and Check-in on Facebook

  • Date: 2019-09-06
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
First Disney Timeless Story Theme Articulated Bus in Taiwan Debuts in Taichung

Let Disney's classic cartoon characters accompany your commute on the bus! Taichung City Hall collaborated with Disney Taiwan to bring the only Disney Timeless Story theme articulated bus in the country to life, featuring promotional photos and characters cartoon characters from classic Disney cartoons including Lion King, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, and Wreck-It Ralph on the inside and outside of the bus. The bus has attracted plenty of attention after hitting the streets of Taichung. Recently, the bus made a brief appearance at the front square of Taichung City Hall, attracting many citizens to take photos with the bus and check-in on Facebook. Some citizens also took photos with the Disney characters amid a lively atmosphere.

According to the Transportation Bureau, Taichung has continued to promote public transport; in order to encourage the citizens to make use of public transport service, the city hall and Disney Taiwan joined forces to build the only Disney Timeless Story articulated bus in Taiwan, which will drive along the same route as route 300, 309, and 310 buses from time to time. Those fortunate enough to board the bus are thrilled, and many of them have taken photos with the bus and checked-in on Facebook.

For those who have not yet ridden the bus, the city hall arranged for the bus to make a brief appearance at the front square of the Taichung City Hall recently, and a huge crowd of Disney fans gathered at the venue, including Ms. Hsieh and her sister, who were in their 70s; they saw the information on Facebook and decided to attend the function to take photos. Others include the 30 odd-year-old Mr. Kao, who was wearing a Mickey Mouse headband and carrying a Dumbo doll in his hand; having joined the queue at 08:30, his wish was to take a photo with his favorite Disney character Dumbo. The congregation was like a fan meet for the Disney Timeless Story articulated bus.

Since the bus interior and exterior are covered in classic Disney cartoon characters, the fans were eager to take photos from every possible angle. Some fans also took the opportunity to capture photos of them with the Disney characters and the bus. Taichung City Public Transportation Office Director-General Wen-cheng Chen and Information Bureau Chief Secretary Yu Chen also attended the function with Disney classic cartoon character-related accessories to celebrate the occasion with the public and experience the heartwarming Disney Timeless Story bus.

Public Transportation Office Director-General Wen-cheng Chen commented that this is the first collaboration between Taichung City Bus and Disney. The bus drives along the same route as route 300, 309, and 310 buses from time to time; departing from Taichung Train Station, the bus may pass by NMNS, Gaomei Wetland, and Mitsui Outlet Park. The purpose of the Disney Timeless Story articulated bus is to encourage more people to make use of public transport, and perhaps they may encounter the bus unexpectedly.

According to Taichung citizen Mr. Kao, who is a huge fan of Dumbo, when he first learned that the first Disney Timeless Story bus will be launched in Taichung, he was eager to get in line to take photos and share them with his friends on Facebook. Ms. Shi, a 10-year-old student whose favorite cartoon character is Elsa from Frozen, said that of the many Disney cartoon characters on the bus, she thinks Winnie the Pooh is the most adorable, therefore she will seize every opportunity to take the bus from now on.

The Transportation Bureau stated that the transport service in Taichung City is convenient and friendly. In supporting the brand spirit of Disney Timeless Story, Taichung City Bus will also become the citizens' good friend, accompany them and letting them appreciate the friendliness of transport service.

Transportation Bureau pointed out that Disney Taiwan is currently organizing the Disney Timeless Story friendship pop quiz challenge until October 15, simply scan the QR code at Disney Taiwan's official website (or https://www.disney-friendship.com.tw) and invite your Facebook friends to take the friendship pop quiz, and you stand a chance to participate in the Madness Giveaway lottery. You may also enjoy discounts on various exclusive brands.

For lottery-related information, please refer to the Transportation Bureau's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/taichungtraffic/); for other event details, please refer to Disney Taiwan's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/disneytaiwan/) and official website (https://disney.com.tw/).

  • Date : 2019-09-02
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