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First in the World! Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival Re-Creates Classic Scenes From Le Petit Prince – Challenging to Present the Largest Rose Motif on Earth

Main flower carpet – The Planet of the Rose
Main flower carpet – The Planet of the Rose
Classic literature Le Petit Prince will be unveiled at the Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival! The flower carpet festival has returned to Xinshe for the first time in 3 years, and the 23-day event will be kicked off on November 9. This year, the Love and Hope – Le Petite Prince Interplanetary Journey exhibition area will be designed under license from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in France, making Taichung the first international city to showcase floral art installations through the perspective of Le Petite Prince. The main flower carpet features Le Petite Prince kissing roses, with the ambition of challenging to create the biggest rose motif on Earth.
2019 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival will be held from November 9 to December 1, and Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau unveiled the first animated commercial today (5th), portraying Le Petite Prince's interplanetary journey in 3D animation. According to Tourism and Travel Bureau Director-General Hsiao-chi Lin, although Le Petite Prince-inspired exhibitions, movies, and amusement parks are too numerous to mention, Taichung is the first international metropolis in the world to curate a Le Petite Prince-themed floral exposition under official license, where mechanical, dynamic exhibits are employed to re-create vivid scenes from the tale. The innovative approach is keeping the citizens waiting with bated breath.
Director-General Lin further commented that an attempt has been made to create the world's largest rose motif (200m long) and the imagery of Le Petite Prince kissing roses at the flower carpet festival this year by blending in nature with high-tech floral installations, so as to appreciate the author Saint-Exupéry's wisdom and thoughts on the environment, allowing the citizens to experience the enchanting charisma of the vivacious floral landscape in the Xinshe Community up close.
Shinshe District Recreational Farming Guidance and Development Committee President Chang-min Lin and Taichung B&B Association President Kuan-chuan Lu also announced that numerous exceptional stores will be launching myriads of promotional offers during the flower carpet festival. President Kuan-chuan Lu stated that the B&Bs in the vicinity of the festival will also be unveiling the 2820 Flower Appreciation Promotional Package for overnight accommodation and breakfast at a special discounted rate of NT$2,820. In addition, the "one night stay with 2 meals for 2" package includes complimentary dinner that offers the guests a taste of authentic local flavors. Guests can opt for fruit-picking or DIY activities. Please make your reservation for a leisurely holiday in Shancheng, Taichung in advance.
After Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival was relocated to Houli in 2016, it is the first time that it will return to Xinshe in 3 years, and it will be organized in conjunction with Xinshe Flower Sea and Central Taiwan Agricultural Expo. Dignitaries including Shinshe District Recreational Farming Guidance and Development Committee (Princess Anne Garden Restaurant) President Chang-min Lin, Taichung B&B Association (Shooting Star Garden) President Kuan-chuan Lu, Taichung B&B Association (Star Moon B&B) Vice-President Chao-wei Chen and his wife, Medialink Group (official agent of Le Petite Prince) event licensing manager Chen-yu Tsou, and licensing reviewer Hsiao-ya Chan all attended the press conference today to support the event.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C7STgPfx4UbMuUBD4L9HSlY2EC1x6-sO 。
For the flower carpet festival-related video, please download via the following link.

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  • Data update: 2019-10-15
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