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Across Twin-Weekend at 3 Sites!

Note: Across Twin-Weekend – 3 sites – Taichung International Dance Carnival from October 25 heats up the whole city
Note: Across Twin-Weekend – 3 sites – Taichung International Dance Carnival from October 25 heats up the whole city
The “2019 Taichung International Dance Carnival” will be unveiled on October 25 at the 3 sites of Wen-Sin Forest Park, Art Museum Parkway, and Summer Green across twin-weekend. The event of this year will be the gathering of more than 50 world-class and local performance teams, including the teams from Japan, Spain, and Belgium. There will be more than 60 dancing shows in close distance with the public.

Taichung City Government Bureau of Tourism held the “2019 Taichung International Dance Carnival” press conference today (October 23) at the City Government Building for promotion. International Style Ballroom Dancing Queen Liu Chen is invited to lead the “Taichung City Dance”. Vivid music will accompany the dance. The steps of this dance is lively and simple that the public of all ages will share the joy while dancing. There is also the “Move Forward” dance performed by the “MAD Theatre” to bring the occasion to a climax.
According to Director Lin Hsiao-Chi of the Bureau of Tourism, Taichung International Dance Carnival is just like a surprise pack containing a variety of programs across the twin-weekend from October 25-27 and November 1-3. On October 25 and 27, the Delrevés vertical dance company will perform the breath-holding ballet in the air on the wall of Tiger City and National Taiwan Museum of Fine arts. From October 25 to October 27, the theater tol比利時托爾高空劇院 will lead the public into the magic nights just like in the fairy tales through dancing performance at Wen-Sin Forest Park.
The “Street Sweeping Carnival” will be held on November 2 with the performance of the YOSAKOI of Japan while the KITA SUBARU of Hokkai, “笑” of Nagoya, the “Shukutoku University karaok淑德大學鳴踊”, and “AUL” of Korea will perform
There is also the creative theme of “Dance Bazaar” on the scene of the Taichung International Dance Carnival further to the dancing show. Exotic fine foods and artistic creation merchandises are also available at the Art Museum Parkway on October 26 and 27, the plaza in front of the main entrance of the Fulfillment Amphitheatre of Wen-Sin Forest Park from November 1~3. The public could have the pleasure of shopping at the bazaar while enjoying the dancing show.

The Bureau of Tourism mentioned that the “Street Sweeping Carnival” will be held on the roads in the surrounding of the Summer Green that traffic control will be in effect when the event is in progress (adjustable to actual need). Traffic control will be in effect from November 2 at 10:00 to 18:00. The affected area covers southbound inside lane of HuiZhong Road Section I (from ShiZheng North 3rd Road to ShiZheng North 5th Road), HuiLai Road Section II (from ShiZheng North 2nd Road to ShiZheng North 6th Road), ShiZheng North 3rd Road (from HuiLai Road Section II to HuiZhong Road Section I), ShiZheng North 5th Road (from HuiLai Road Section II to HuiZhong Road Section I). The public is urge to pay attention and plan for the new routes in advance.
More information on the event at
https://www.facebook.com/2019taichungdancecarnival/ or “Taichung Resort” Facebook fans page for inquiry at https://www.facebook.com/taichungresort/

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