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Following in the Footsteps of Lin Hsien-Tang and Liang Qi-Chao – Inauguration of the Wangyueh Peak Hsien-Tan Hiking Trail in Wufeng

  • Date: 2019-12-11
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Mayor Lu praises the picturesque scenery of the trail.

Taichung City Wufeng District Office's new Wangyueh Peak Hsien-Tan Hiking Trail on Mt. Azhaowu was completed and inaugurated today (12/4). The location bears special historic significance because Lin Hsien-Tang and Liang Qi-Chao have both been here. Furthermore, the trail is connected to scenic destinations such as Zhong Xin Long hiking trail and Lin Ben-Yuan Family Abode and Garden, hence it is set to become a popular tourist hot spot.

Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen attended the trail's inauguration ceremony today and praised the stunning scenery of the trail. She also welcomed the citizens to come here to exercise, hike to the top to catch a commanding view of the picturesque view and soak up the history of the region.

The Wangyueh Peak Hsien-Tan Hiking Trail inauguration ceremony took place at the parking lot of Lin Ben-Yuan Family Abode and Garden today, where Mingtai High School's dragon and lion dance troupe kicked off the event with their exciting opening performance. Students from Mingtai High School all greeted Mayor Lu enthusiastically, and Lu returned the affection with high-fives and hugs to demonstrate her amiability.

According to Lu, as a former Provincial Councilor, her political career began in Wufeng. The hiking trail is near the Lin Ben-Yuan Family Abode and Garden. Years ago, Lin Hsien-Tang invited Liang Qi-Chao to come to the mountain for sightseeing, thus it bears exceptional historical significance. Other scenic attractions nearby include the Lin Hsien-Tang Museum and Wufeng Old Street, therefore the public is invited to come to Wufeng for exercising, sightseeing, and appreciating the cultural heritage of the region.

Furthermore, the city government is vigorously promoting developments in Wufeng. New surface roads linking Caoti Road in Dali to Liufeng Road in Wufeng have been constructed under the viaduct of Dali access road along Provincial Highway No. 74 in order to create a comprehensive regional road network. Together with the opening of the new trail, the infrastructures will be able to stimulate the local tourism economy and improve the citizens' quality of life.

According to Legislator Yen Kuan-Heng, the land surrounding the trail belongs to the Lin Family, and he is thankful for the landowner to donate the parcel of land to facilitate the successful completion of the trail. City Councilor Lin Pi-Hsiu also offered her acknowledgment to the city government for the ongoing developments in Wufeng and taking care of the local residents. Mingtai High School President Lin Fang-Ying said that the Wangyueh Peak Hsien-Tan Hiking Trail is one of the 12 attractions of Lin Ben-Yuan Family Abode and Garden that is set to improve the local tourism economy, thus she is thankful for the city government's endeavors.

The Civil Affairs Bureau suggested that the Wangyueh Peak Hsien-Tan Hiking Trail is approximately 330m long and 1.2m wide; while gentle gradients, it is positioned as a leisure hiking trail suitable for citizens of all ages. The trailhead is located near the Lin Ben-Yuan Family Abode and Garden and the exit of the trail joins the Zhong Xin Long hiking trail. The end of the trail reaches the top of the Wangyueh Peak, offering a 180-degree panoramic view of Taichung, Changhua, and Nantou in the distance. Everyone is invited to visit the region to take in the sights.

Dignitaries attending today's inauguration ceremony include Mayor Lu, Civil Affairs Bureau Director Wu Shih-Wei, Wufeng District Executive Li Ming- Hai, Legislator Yen Kuan-Heng, City Councilor Lin Pi-Hsiu, Mingtai High School President Lin Fang-Ying, and Mingtai High School Principal Lin Chui-I.

  • Date : 2019-12-05
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