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Upgrade in Transportation! 12 Bus Routes to be introduced into the Taichung Transit Center

  • Date: 2019-12-10
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Caption: The Taichung Municipal Government's Transportation Bureau plans 12 popular bus routes to the Taichung Transit Center-from tomorrow to 30th-a platform will have bus routes 300-309 and 310 to Taiwan Avenue-5 stops on platform b Bus route to Chongde Road-c bus platform stops 4 bus routes to Beitun Road and d platform is bus stop to Yizhong Commercial District-Fengjia Commercial District 3 bus routes-let the public transfer to buses be more convenient.

The Taichung City Government's Department of Transportation has planned to introduce 12 popular bus routes to the Taichung Transit Center. From now on, Platform A will have bus routes 300, 309 and 310 heading towards Taiwan Boulevard, Platform B will have 5 bus routes heading towards Chongde Road, Platform C will have 4 bus routes heading towards Beitun Road and Platform D will have 3 bus routes heading towards the TCSFH and Fengjia Shopping Districts, making it more convenient for people to transfer to TRA and buses.

In addition, the taxi queueing area located originally at Platform C was relocated back onto Xinmin Street side. The temporary pickup area for cars and motorcycles for Platform D was relocated to the entrance of the 3A underground parking lot for TRA Taichung Station. The original temporary pick-up area on the Xinmin Street side was adjusted to be a drop-off area, so that people can use the pick-up area located at the underground parking lot instead.

Director Yeh Zhaofu pointed out that the Taichung Transit Center is close to the TRA Taichung Station and the Kuo-kuang Taichung Bus Transit Station. There are nearly a hundred bus routes that pass the Transit Center. Despite being located in the transportation hub of Taichung City, there are only three bus routes (300, 309, and 310) that pass through the Taichung Transit Center. People that have to transfer between buses and the TRA still have to walk to the bus stops scattered around the TRA Taichung Station at the Minzu Intersection, Chenggong Intersection, and Taiwan Boulevard.

Director Yeh remarked that in order to fully utilize the transit function of the Taichung Transit Center, 12 bus routes will be introduced to the Taichung Transit Center. In addition to the original 3 bi-articulated bus routes, there will be 15 bus routes that will stop at the platforms of the Transit Center. It is currently planned to integrate the 300, 309, and 310 bi-articulated bus routes into Platform A to make it convenient for passengers waiting to head towards Taiwan Boulevard.

The 12, 58, 65, 71, and 131 bus routes that pass through Chongde Road to reach Tanzi, Fengyuan, and the TCFSH Shopping District will stop at Platform B. The 50, 55, 73, and 75 bus routes that pass through Beitun Road to reach Tanzi, Fengyuan, the Eastern District, and Taiping will stop at Platform C. The 5, 25, and 35 bus routes heading towards the TCFSH and Fengjia Shopping Districts will stop at Platform D. Each bus route will stop at different platforms depending on the direction of their destinations, which helps passengers identify the bus routes and their platforms to greatly improve the efficiency of transits.

Director Yeh further stated that the lanes on Jianguo Road for entering the Transit Center’s platforms A, B, C, and D have been designated as bus lanes, which can only be used by buses and government vehicles. The taxis that were originally parked at Platform C were relocated to the taxing queuing area on the Xinmin Street side. The temporary pick-up area for cars and motorcycles located on Platform D was relocated to the entrance of TRA Taichung Station’s 3A underground parking lot. The temporary pick-up area on the Xinmin Street side was adjusted to a temporary drop-off area. People that are driving friends and family are recommended to take Chenggong Road and Xinmin Street to enter the underground parking lot of TRA Taichung Station as there is a temporary pick-up area at the entrance of the 3A underground parking lot. There are signboards along the way directing vehicles to the underground parking lot, and drivers can enjoy free parking for 30 minutes. People are more than welcome to make good use of the Transit Center as the waiting areas for the bus routes are all indoors, so that passengers won’t be affected by weather.

The Department of Transportation Bureau would like to remind everyone that the Bureau will strictly report and enforce penalties and fines for violations according to the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act to maintain the smooth flow of traffic around the Transit Center as it has dedicated access roads, bus platforms on the first floor, drop-off lanes and taxi queueing lanes. People should follow the directions provided by the signs, and use the underground parking lot for transits and pickups.

  • Date : 2019-12-05
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