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More Than Just Lanterns! Houli Main Stage of Taiwan Lantern Festival Features Over 100 Performances

  • Date: 2020-01-07
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Diabolo Dance Theatre

For the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung, the city government has established 7 major stages featuring a total of more than 350 performances. In particular, 109 performances have been arranged for the main stage area in Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo Site, where renowned domestic and international performance groups including Diabolo Dance Theatre, Sizhukong, Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe, Pisirian PawPaw Drum Troupe, and Croquiky Brothers from Korea will be invited to stage exciting performances, everyone is welcome.

According to the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Diabolo Dance Theatre's fantastic performance combining diabolo and the fairytale-like plot is well-known throughout Taiwan and abroad. In particular, its night-time show is even more spectacular, making it a coveted troupe for major festivals.

Sizhukong, a recipient of the Golden Melody Awards, offers a rendition of jazz music using traditional musical instruments such as Xi, string, and wind. The band performs brisk, spirited tunes complemented by the warm, composed sound of traditional musical instruments, making them one of the most iconic names among the diverse array of mixed culture troupes in Taiwan.

Cultural Affairs Bureau pointed out that Taiwu Elementary School from North Dawu Mountain (the sacred mountain of the Paiwan Tribe), Pingtung, has upheld the spirit of singing their songs in the name of their tribe and telling their stories in the name of music. Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe has received numerous invitations to showcase their angelic indigenous voices; their album To & From The Heart clinched the Best Indigenous Album at the Golden Melody Awards. This year, they will touch the hearts of lantern festival-goers with their awe-inspiring singing performance.

Representing Taichung County Government at the lantern festival, Pisirian PawPaw Drum Troupe consists of a group of Amis indigenous youths from Taitung who will take to the stage with their eco-friendly musical instrument called PawPaw drum. Bearing a remarkable resemblance to the African drum, PawPaw drum is made from abandoned buoys salvaged from set nets that have drifted ashore. During the lantern festival, they will present the exclusive, heavenly tribal voice of the Amis Tribe to the audience.

In addition, Croquiky Brothers, a Korean visual and performing art troupe, will be invited to stage a show combining painting, playful music, dance, and pantomime. Performing groups from Nagano and Aomori will also be bringing music and dance performances featuring their respective urban characteristics. For instance, the tourism ambassador of Nagano Prefecture will present melodica music while Hirakawa Women's Ceremonial Performance Troupe from Aomori Prefecture will showcase Hayashi music from the famous Aomori Nebuta Matsuri.

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