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“Safe Stay Hotels” Promoted by Taichung City with NTD5,000 Subsidy to Each Household of Families under Home Quarantine and Isolation

  • Date: 2020-04-06
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Safe Stay Hotels Logo

The Taichung City Government today (the 24th) launched the certification of “Safe Stay Hotels” logo. As long as hotels comply with disease prevention requirements of the Central Government, they can be certified with the logo after auditing. At present, more than 100 hotels have joined the program. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen pointed out “safe stay hotels” are not “those for Coronavirus Quarantine” and they are, instead, open for general visitors and families of those who are under home quarantine and isolation. Families of the said can receive a subsidy of NTD 5,000 each household and the effective date can be retro-active to March 19th.

Mayor Lu explained that the City Government has currently established “the Substitution Place for those under Home Quarantine” without permanent residency as the alternative spaces; today, the logo certification of “Safe Stay Hotels” is launched to serve families of those under home quarantine and isolation as well as general visitors. Simply speaking, substitution places are for those under home quarantine and if needed, their families can stay in these hotels.

The Taichung City Government also provides subsidies for families of those under home quarantine and isolation that need to stay in these hotels. Mayor Lu said families of each household that live with those under home quarantine and isolation can receive subsidies of NTD5,000 from Taichung City Government if they continuously stay in the same certified hotel or guesthouse under the program for 14 days.

Direct0r General of Bureau of Tourism and Travel, Lin Shiau-ch, pointed out that in Taichung, there are now 512 hotels and in order to maintain the safety of hotels, the Taichung City Government follows disease control and prevention measures to enact “Standard Operation Procedures and Points of Attention for Greeting Guests at Safe Stay Hotels in Taichung City during the Disease Control and Prevention Period.” As long as they follow the SOPs to control and prevent the disease, approved by their relevant hotel industry association, and audited by the Bureau of Tourism and Travel, hotels are able to acquire the “Safe Stay Hotels” logo for them to post at the entrance for easy recognition by their guests.

Additionally, the Bureau also cooperates with the Taichung Tourist Hotel Association, Taichung Hotel Association and Taichung Hotel Association to offer extra value of up to 80% discount for families of those under home quarantine and isolation for their continuous stays in their members. Under the influence of the virus, hotels are trying to seize more business opportunities.

Hotels including Hotel National, Taichung; Fullon Hotel LihPao Land; Freshfields, Taichung; Mansion de Chine Hotel, Taichung; Hung’s Mansion; Galaxia Business Hotel; He Ti Hotel; Fushin Hotel, Taichung; Stay Hotel, Yizhung and Zhungqing; and Kiwi Express Hotel have joined the program. For more incentive packages, please visit the website of Bureau of Tourism and Travel, Taichung: https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/ .

  • Date : 2020-03-30
  • Hit: 1761

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