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Inspection by Deputy Mayor Linghu on the Implementation of Human Flow Management and Control Measures in Dakeng- Streaming of Tourism Sites of Taichung City

  • Date: 2020-04-23
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Inspection of Deputy Mayor Linghua on the Implementation of Human Traffic Flow Control and Management Measures in Dakeng

In response to the human flow control measures imposed by the National Health Command Center (NHCC) on the 10th, the Deputy Mayor of Taichung Bruce Linghu this morning (17th) accompanied by the Bureau of Tourism and Travel, Transportation, Construction and Police went to Dakeng Scenic Area to inspect the implementation situation. Additionally, the Bureau of Tourism and Travel also announced the new function of “Streaming Image of Main Scenic Sites and Surrounding Roads in Taichung City” to allow visitors to get good commands of relevant traffic information.

Deputy Mayor Linghu today went to inspect implementation of human traffic flow of Daken #9, 9-1, and 10 Wooden Walkways and the public cooperated well with the relevant control and management measures. Deputy Mayor Linghu said since the announcement of human traffic flow measures announced by the Central Government, Mayor Lu immediately instructed to integrate the resources of government agencies, district offices and schools at different levels. Within the shortest period of time, streaming images of important traffic nodes in more than 20 popular scenic sites including Dakeng Scenic Areas, Fengjia Night Market, Taichung Train Station and Taichung International Airport are now available.

He pointed out that in the future, information on other famous scenic sites such as Taichung Park, Dongfeng Green Biking Corridor, Tiezhenshan Scenic Area, Daan Beach Park, Dajia Zhannan Temple, Market 2, Yizhong Business District, surrounding areas of the National Museum of Science, Shenji New Village, Qiuhong Valley, the Taichung Prefecture Hall, Rainbow Veterans’ Village, wooden walkway of Gaomei Wetlands, Donghai Arts Street Business District, Houfeng Biking Trial, Guangfu New Village and other famous sites will become available by the end of April.

On the site, Deputy Mayor Linghu also demonstrated how to make use of streaming images of tourism destinations to watch for flow of tourists and vehicles. Taichung City Government can at the same time have a good command of taped number information to make the right decisions and enact relevant response measures. Incorporating with Taichung City’s easy hotel stay program, visitors can come to Taichung with an easy mind.

The Director General of Bureau of Tourism and Travel, Lin Shiau-chi said the Pandemic is still severe and this affects the many scenic sites around Taiwan. During the previous holidays, about 23,000 visitors came to Dakeng Walkway and to prevent from having more infections, the taped human flow traffic measures at the entrance (between 1st Section of Dongshan Rd. and Jibu Rd.) is implemented. On-site broadcasting and sign raising by staff for no entries are carried out. At the same time, measures for pandemic prevention and control measures are announced. Some lots at parking lots of Dakeng Earthquake Park and Jingbuku are closed. The police and staff on the site assist and enforce the laws related illegal parking.

Director General Lin further pointed out that according to loading capacities and flow of vehicles at the surrounding parking lots and number of visitors on the sites, the taped number of Dakeng, Daan Beach Park, and Dajia Tiezhan Shan Science park is 4,500, 10,250, and 3,500, respectively. When the capacity of nearby parking lots reaches 50%, human traffic flow will be closely monitored to direct tourists to visit other alternative scenic sites to solve the overcrowding problem of visitors and vehicles.

Director General Lin emphasized that during the pandemic prevention and control period, visitors shall observe relevant rules and regulations to contain the pandemic together. Taichung City Government will continue its efforts to prevent and control the pandemic by providing a safe and comfortable tourism environment for visitors and protecting the health and safety of its citizens. For search function of “Streaming Images of Main Tourism Sites and Surrounding Roads in Taichung City,” please visit the website of Bureau of Tourism and Travel of Taichung City Government at https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/ for the convenience of your trips.

  • Date : 2020-04-20
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