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Gourmet Visit to Dakeng, Taichung Bamboo Shoot Harvesting Fun of Michelin Home Cuisine Ingredients

  • Date: 2020-05-26
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Dakeng Walking Path #7

May is the month when Dakeng, Taichung harvests its ma-bamboo shoots with fine texture and pear-like taste. Because of the warm climate, fertile soil, dedicated farming and advanced cultivation technology, ma-bamboo shoots produced in Dakeng have been known for their fine texture and good taste and have become the selected ingredients of Michelin home cuisine with makino and oldham bamboo shoots. This year, the "Michelin Guide" expands its introduction to restaurants in Taichung! The Tourism and Travel Bureau of Taichung City Government would like to invite you to the one-day gourmet tour to Dakeng and Dakeng is worth a visit!
Director General Lin Shiau-chi said that with its rich natural resources, Dakeng Scenic Area is nicknamed as the backyard of Taichung. It is also because of the key elements including warm climate and fertile soil where the fine, tasty and fresh ma-bamboo shoots are produced. The Taichung City Government has long been devoted to the promotion of tourism resources including Dakeng's trip itineraries and featured gourmets of Taichung to both domestic and international tourist markets.
She pointed out that when she went to the tourism exhibition in INTEX, Osaka, Japan, led representatives of relevant tourism associations in Taichung to Shanghai for exchanges, or visited Nagoya, Japan for tourism festival exchanges, she received overwhelming responses from offshore tour operators. Taichung City Government cooperates with a famous mountain magazine in Japan to improve Dakeng's international visibility to attract overseas visitors.
Director General Lin emphasized that the must visit itinerary in Dakeng includes the bamboo shoot harvesting in the early morning. Bamboo shoots are good for soup, salad, stir-fry with egg yolk and sautéed foods. They are also the main ingredients of bamboo shoot dumpling, sauce, crispy bamboo shoots. After these gourmet dishes, visitors can then challenge the 12 Dakeng mountain hiking trails with diverse ecosystem and enjoy hot spring to relax their bodies and minds. Additionally, they can also taste locally featured cuisines such as taro balls, ma-bamboo shoots and urn-roasted chicken.
The Bureau reminded visitors that the Taichung City Government has adopted relevant pandemic prevention and control measures to provide safe recreational sites. The public can safely come to Dakeng and visit nearby scenic sites including Dakeng Ecologic Park, Xindu Ecological Park, and Dakeng Lovers' Bridge to enjoy phytoncide in the forest this hot summer and soothe bodies and minds with sports, hot springs and gourmet foods.
The Bureau pointed out that during the outbreak of COVID-19, Taichung City Government cooperated with the Central Government to control the number of visitors. When necessary, visitors will be guided to alternative sites to prevent overcrowding and control traffic flows. Visitors are reminded to comply with the relevant rules. Taichung City Government will continuously implement pandemic prevention and control rules to provide a safe tourist environment and to protect the health of citizens of Taichung. To search information on "Real-time Image of Major Scenic Sites and Surrounding Routes of Taichung City," please browse Taichung Tourism and Travel Website (https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/ ). You are welcome to use it before planning your trip to Taichung.

  • Date : 2020-05-19
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