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Carefully Building a Safe Tourism Environment in Compliance with Eased Pandemic Prevention on June 7th and Control Measures by the Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau

  • Date: 2020-06-11
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government

To respond to the eased situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bureau of Tourism and Travel of the Taichung City Government since May 27th removed restrictions on the number of visitors to various scenic sites including Gaomei Wetlands, Shenji New Village, Rainbow Village, Dakeng Scenic Area (Walkway #9, #9-1, and #10). Incorporating the announcement made by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on June 7th to remove limitations of pandemic prevention and control measures around Taiwan, the Director General of the Tourism and Travel Bureau, Lin Shiau-chi, said her Bureau will coordinate with the removal limitations on measures announced by the CECC, but when faced with the pandemic, we shall keep vigilant to ensure the safety of visitors and accommodation environment. She calls for continuous cleaning and disinfection works carried out in important tourism spots in Taichung. 
Director General Lin also emphasized that body temperature of visitors shall be continuously checked in hotels as well as the implementation of hand disinfection, wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing. Hotel operators meanwhile are requested to carry out basic pandemic prevention and control measures such as regular disinfection, wearing face masks, keeping social distancing, self-health management to safeguard the health and safety of visitors and to build Taichung as a tourism safe and friendly city. 
Director General Lin likewise pointed out that although the CECC has lifted pandemic prevention and control measures, we shall still keep vigilant and scenic area administered by her Bureau including Dakeng Scenic Area, Dongfeng Biking Path, Tanyashen Green Parkway, hiking trails and others such as Gaomei Wetlands, Caowu Square, Rainbow Village and Shenji New Village will continuously carry out cleaning and disinfection works. Nearby business operators and bike rental operators are requested to continuously implement cleaning and disinfection of their environment. 
Director General Lin said that the frontline operators who are in contact with the public directly shall continuously wear their masks. If visitors will enter the indoor space, body temperature shall be checked and hands shall be disinfected. Indoors the public will wear face masks or maintain social distancing as required. At tourism service centers, measures including body temperature checks, hand disinfection and social distancing will still be carried out. It is hoped that various pandemic prevention and control measures in the post-pandemic era will provide tourists a safe tourism environment. 
Director General Lin said on March 24th, the Taichung City Government led other cities to introduce the "Hotels of Safe Stay" certification. As long as hotel operators comply with pandemic prevention and control guidelines enacted by the B Tourism and Travel Bureau, they will be certified after inspection and ratification. At present, 267 hotel operators have been certified. 
In the post-pandemic era, the Bureau continuously promotes the "Hotels of Safe Stay" policy to encourage and teach hotel operators to carry out works of pandemic prevention and control to provide safe accommodations environment. At the same time, visitors when staying in hotels or guest houses have to wear face masks or maintain social distancing to protect themselves and others by avoiding any possible risks of infection. The Bureau will continuously work with all concerned operators to jointly prevent and control the pandemic and to provide safe and joyful visiting experiences to visitors to Taichung. 
To coordinate with the eased pandemic prevention and control measures of the Central Government, the Tourism and Travel Bureau provides guidelines of dining, accommodation, tourism, shopping and transport. The public is especially reminded to comply with the guideline of "New Life Movement for Pandemic Prevention" to maintain social distancing, keep personal hygiene, register real names and check body temperature. These rules shall be internalized into life habits. Enjoy your happy and safe tour to Taichung.

  • Date : 2020-06-08
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