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The Grand Prizes Are Now Available! Announcement of prizes - a Luxurious House, Cars and Cash Prizes for the 2020 Taichung Shopping Festival

  • Date: 2020-06-22
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Announcement of prizes - a Luxurious House, Cars and Cash Prizes for the 2020 Taichung Shopping Festival

This summer the heavyweight "2nd Taichung Shopping Festival" will be officially kicked off on July 1st. Today (the 15th) the grand prize of "a luxurious boutique house in the downtown area " worth approximately NT$10 million was announced plus cash prizes of NT$1 million and NT$100,000, TIIDA cars with the amount close to NT$700,000 each and Kymco e-scooters with the total amount over NT$2 million. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen said that this year more grand prizes will be given away including "a house, a car and cash!" All are welcome to shop in Taichung.

According to Mayor Lu, "This year the other luxurious house will be given away!" Same as last year, the LIH PAO Group sponsors a luxurious house of "the Smiling Century 2 Yunping Designated District." That luxurious house is not only located in the egg yolk area as well as in a cultural and educational area but also attracts potential buyers with great convenience. Additionally, the Taichung City Government also offers grand prizes including cash in the amount of a million dollars, a car, e-scooters and 70-inch TV sets to stimulate spending and help the vendors out.

"You can use your stimulus vouchers here in Taichung to enjoy the best bargains!" said Mayor Lu. This year's shopping festival follows the rules of last year. For any accumulated consumption worth of NT$500 at a store in Taichung, a number for entering lucky draws will be allocated. This year, by cooperating with "Incentive Shops," the spending amount will be calculated three times. That means for any spending of NT$167, a number will be assigned for the lucky draw. Spending worth NT$500 will win three numbers that incorporate the policy of the Central Government to provide the best bargains by "creating the voucher value that reach tree times."

The Vice President of the LIH PAO Group, Chen Chih-Hung said this year's biggest prize is the 22-ping 1+1 suite of the Smiling Century 2 Yunping Designated District" with a parking space. The suite also has amenities of about 30 facilities for all ages such as a swimming pool, a children's playground and a cooking classroom. That suite is located in the egg yolk area at the cross-section of Shuangshi Rd. in the North District where it provides its residents great convenience of dining, shopping, transportation, education, leisure and recreation. It is your best choice for housing.

The Economic Development Bureau pointed out that starting from the first day of the Festival, those who enter the daily lucky draws will have the chance to win a total of 62 Kymco e-scooters. The cash prizes of NT$100,000 are also given away weekly while four Nissan TIIDA will be drawn weekly. Additionally, there are the "+0 Prize" of 5 70-inch TV sets as well as the heavy weight prize item of "NT$1 million." The Taichung City Government would like to thank the LIH PAO Group, Highwealth Construction, YUAN JUN FONG CASTING CO., LTD, Taichung Commercial Bank, ETMall, Precision Park Enterprise Association and Fengzhou Industrial Park Enterprise Association for their sponsorship.

The Economic Development Bureau also reminded the public that this year's event of the shopping festival is scheduled between July 1st and August 31st. During the event, any shopper who spends at a store in Taichung (including those registered with their taxations in Taichung) and acquires the GUI invoice or a receipt roof with GUI invoice exemption is eligible for entering a lucky draw via mobile app registration. Spending amounts can be accumulated and a number for lucky draws will be assigned for any spending worth NT$500. Any number that fails to win a prize will be eligible to enter lucky draws again during the event to increase the chances to win.

  • Date : 2020-06-15
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