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Building Taiwan's Beautiful Hakodate! Reopening of Wanggaoliao Night View Park

  • Date: 2020-07-08
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Night View of Taichung from the Peak of Wanggaoliao Park Compared to Yangmingshan of Taipei and Hakodate of Japan

The Construction Bureau of the Taichung City Government invested millions of dollars to renovate the Wanggaoliao Night View Park. The Project utilized existing topology and optimized movement route design to decorate the site with "lighting" and to create extraordinary and unique feelings. After five months, this Project was completed and reopened to the public on the long Dragon Boat Festival weekend. Lovers of night view must visit this site!

According to the Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tian, Wanggaoliao Park is the first one in Taichung featuring a night view. Located on Dadu Mountain, the Park is an ideal site to appreciate the night view of Taichung. The Park has often been compared to "Yangmingshan of Taipei" and " Hakodate of Japan" and it is the top choice for youths and lovers.

Director Chen said from the perspective to keep and create more beautiful memories, the Bureau optimized Wanggaoliao Park by replacing the old facilities with barrier-free, safe and quality facilities for visitors.

The Bureau described that this Project includes the improvement of the height gap of the walk paths to allow easy accesses for the users of walkers, wheel chairs and baby carts. Second, the replacement of the old facilities to renovate benches, addition of stair rails and adjustment of the lighting at the park for better viewing effect. At the same time, the barrier-free viewing area is designated for the disadvantaged visitors to also let them have good memories of the Wanggaoliao Night View Park.

Now is the time of hot summer days. Director General Chen strongly recommended tours of tree and flower viewing on streets of Taichung in the morning and in the afternoon, visitors can plan to come to Wanggaoliao Park for the beautiful sunset. With a comfortable breeze, the evening time is best for night view.

  • Date : 2020-07-01
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