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Winning Prizes with Little Money! Three Tips to Win in the Taichung Shopping Festival

  • Date: 2020-07-13
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Launch of the 2020 Taichung Shopping Festival

Grand prizes of the 2nd Taichung Shopping Festival include e-scooters, cars, cash prizes and a luxurious house. On the 5th day of the Festival, the registered amount exceeded NT$38 million as early bird prizes including three e-scooters, iPad minis and AirPods pro were given away. One of the lucky winners for the e-scooter prize worth more than NT$60,000 spent only NT$216. The Economic Development Bureau openly publicizes three tips to win including "Early Purchase and Early Registration," "Accumulation by Three Times more at Incentive Stores," "Buy more for more Winning Chances." Shoppers should not miss the chance to win.

The Economic Development Bureau pointed out that Tip 1 "Early Purchase and Early Registration" meaning since winners of lucky draws are announced daily. Shoppers with early purchase and early registration are assigned with a serial number to participate in the daily luck draw event before August 31st and the final round on September 12th unless they have already won a prize. For example, the serial number given according to a purchase made on July 1st will be eligible for 63 rounds of lucky draws.

For Tip 2, "Accumulation by Three Times more at Incentive Stores," the winner of the e-scooter at the lucky draw on July 2nd spent only NT$216 at the Fuxing Branch Store of PxMart because the shopper consumed at an incentive store of the Festival and was able to accumulate the consumption amount by three times. Quick accumulation means higher winning chances.

In terms of Tip 3, "Buy more for more Winning Chances," shoppers consume in Taichung between July 1st and August 31st can receive one serial number after the consumption amount reaches NT$500 (inclusive) and register via app scanning or manual operations of the GUI receipts. Those with a consumption of NT$1,000 will receive two serial numbers. Buying more will have higher winning chances with more serial numbers to enter in the lucky draws!

According to the Economic Development Bureau, this year's Taichung Shopping Festival is participated in by more physical stores as well as online shopping platforms and vendors including street vendors at night markets, art and cultural workers, chain stores and department stores with a total number of more than 37,360 shops. This year, more than 8,000 taxis also take a part and riding in a taxi can also accumulate your consumption amount by three times.

In addition to the above three tips to win, the function of a bonded carrier for e-invoice on the cloud via app is also added. During the event time, consumption amount spent in Taichung will be automatically accumulated for the convenience of shoppers. The Economic Development Bureau would like to thank the active participation of store operators to give more incentives and make this Festival more attractive for more business opportunities in the post-pandemic era. This year's Festival gives away grand prizes and shoppers should not miss the opportunity to win. Download the app to register your receipts to win at: https://funtaichung.tw/2020shopping/Page/9 Methods to Win Lucky Draws at the Taichung Shopping Festival: https://funtaichung.tw/2020shopping/Page/10.

  • Date : 2020-07-08
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