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More Services of #153 City Bus to Baxian Mountain Forest Recreational Area since 7/15

  • Date: 2020-07-22
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Trial Operations of Extensive Services of City Bus #153 by the Transportation Bureau since July 15th

With diverse ecological and forest cultural assets, the Baxian Mountain Forest Recreational Area in Taichung is a famous summer tour destination in Central Taiwan. To provide convenient public transportation to Guguang and Baxian Mountain, Bus #153 operated by the Taichung City Government and Fengyuan Bus Corporation since tomorrow (the 15th) will offer extensive services to the Baxian Mountain Forest Recreational Area for buses starting from the Taichung Station of the Taiwan High Speed Rails at 9:35. To incorporate with the double-tenth bus incentives, a round trip will cost only NT$20 for economic and comfortable convenient public transportation services.

According to the Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, summer is the popular tourist season and many people choose the city buses for convenience and budget concerns. But for those who would like to visit Baxian Mountain Forest Recreational Site, they needed to take City Bus #153, 207 or 850 from downtown Taichung to Guguang and then transit #269 to the destination. No direct bus services are available. It is inconvenient for visitors. Thus, the Transportation Bureau worked actively with the #153 City Bus of Fengyuan Bus Corporation to provide direct bus services at 9:35 from the Taichung Station of the Taiwan High Speed Rails to Baxian mountain via popular scenic sites including Chaoma, Dongshi and Guguang. All riders are welcome and on the way, they are able to enjoy natural beautiful sceneries and to experience the over 50-year long culture of the forest industry of Baxian Mountain.

Director General Yeh added that if visitors would like to go to experience the forestry culture or go to Guguang for the hot springs, they would need to spend NT$120 for a round trip on City Bus # 153 to Guguang or Baxian Mountain or on #850 from the Taichung Station of Taiwan Railway. Now after the implementation of the double-ten city bus policy, a round trip only costs NT$20. For those choosing to visit Lishan, they can take the bus to Guguang and then transit on #865 City Bus for a round trip of only NT$40. Transportation fees saved can let the family stay a night in Lishan and enjoy the LOHAS trip to the high mountains in Taichung.

According to the Transportation Bureau, the extensive #153 City Bus will be launched for a trial of three months and the services shall be decided later on whether or not they will be continued after an effectiveness evaluation. All residents of Taichung and visitors from other cities are welcome to take a ride. For updated public bus information, please visit "the Official Website of the Transportation Bureau" (http://www.traffic.taichung.gov.tw) or call 04-2229-1716 to the Public Transportation and MRT Department of the Taichung City Government. For public bus services or stop information, please access "Dynamic Information of Real-Time Taichung City Buses," (http://citybus.taichung.gov.tw), download "Taichung City Buss app" or call 1999 for the free service hotline.

  • Date : 2020-07-14
  • Hit: 246

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