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Good Places to Go for the Hot Summer, the Bureau of Tourism and Travel Recommends Two-Day Family Tours to Factory Museums

  • Date: 2020-07-22
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Good Places to Go for the Hot Summer, the Bureau of Tourism and Travel Recommends Two-Day Family Tours to Factory Museums

It is now summer vacation time. As a parent, where will you bring your kids for the summer vacation? On hot summer days, you would like to go outside but would like to stay away from the hot sun at the same time. The Bureau of Tourism and Travel, especially, recommends the "Two-day Family Tours" to visit various factory museums and surrounding famous scenic sites in Houli, Fengyuan, Tanzi, Daya and Shenggang districts. Indoor events help you avoid sun or rain exposure and they are suitable for all family members. Thus, they are ideal tourist selections during the summer vacation.

Lin Shiau-chi, Director of the Bureau of Tourism and Travel said in addition to outdoor scenic sites for tours in summer, Taichung offers many educational and recreational indoor events. The public are welcome to visit quality industrial story museums to enjoy family time and stay in safe and comfortable hotels in Taichung. Recommended tourist sites include the Isabelle-Digital Baking Experience Museum, Okuma Center, Miso Cultural Factory, Pao Chuan Dessert Center, Taiwan Balloons Museum, LC Saxophone Museum where static guided tours are provided and dynamic DIY events as well as little professional experiences are organized for all visitors of different ages to create unique memories.

The Bureau pointed out that starting the first day to at the "Isabelle-Digital Baking Experience Museum" where visitors can make their own cookies, take creative photos and play fun and interesting digital VR interactive games. There is a cultural manufacturing corridor to introduce visitors to the cookie making process and efforts of the cookie makers.

In the afternoon, it is the ideal time to visit the hundred-year old traditional architecture, "Star Villa" which is decorated with delicate relief, cochin pottery, colorful paintings and a special structure. It is also nicknamed as "the top of Taiwan’s ten civilian houses" and is now a rated historical site of Taichung. Next, at the "Okuma Center," visitors can enjoy virtual fishing fun, 3D theatres and diverse DIY experiences in the augmented fishing area, ocean education area and fishing vessel display area to provide a better understanding about the origin of fishing culture, protection of ocean environment and the importance of ocean conservation.

Then, visitors can go to the "Miso Cultural Factory" to try on tasty miso soup and miso ice cream. They can also get to know the miso culture, types, applications and craftsman spirit behind the product. Miso DIY is the must try food fermentation fun. In the evening, local delicacies at the famous and friendly "Miaodung Night Market" in Fengyuan are recommended for dinner including fried water chestnuts, oyster pancakes, rib noodles, pineapple ice and salty cake. Safe and comfortable hotels shall be included in your itinerary. With the incentives for travelers of domestic tours, you are able to tour around Taichung at an affordable budget. For more incentive information, please visit the Taichung Tourism and Travel Website (https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/ ).

Visitors are also recommended to visit the "Pao Chuan Dessert Center," the first pastry tourism factory established by the hundred-year old brand, "Pao Chuan Food" where visitors can shop for souvenirs, coffee, tea, and snack foods and take part in DIY events of cupcake baking, traditional Taiwanese pastry and Xiao Chang Yu. Next recommended destination is the "Taiwan Balloons Museum" which preserves the old factory and introduces visitors to Taiwan’s balloon industry, materials, and production process of balloon manufacturing. Children can have more fun by participating in balloon DIY and balloon shape creation.

Then visitors can go to the "LC Saxophone Museum" for professional and skillful production of saxophones in the in-depth music and cultural guided tour. The final destination is the "Yuehmei Tourism Sugar Factory" which consists of TaiSugar product display area and sugar making guided tour area. On weekends and holidays, guided tours on the small train to the hundred-year old factory offered by designated personnel are available. You must try on an ice pop for its sweet and cool taste to conclude your most unforgettable tour memory.

Additionally, to incorporate with the stimulation policy of the Taichung City Government, factory museums have launched various incentives including free boxes of light meals for consumption exceeding the required amount, 20% off of balloon rides at the Taiwan Balloons Museum and a buy-one and get-one free package of cookies at the afternoon tea time at Isabelle Digital Baking Experience Center. On hot summer days, all venues are air conditioned and they are ideal recreational sites for all of your family members during the summer vacation. Local traditional gourmet and snack foods are especially recommended and do not forget to bring local produce and featured products home as souvenirs to end your perfect tour to Taichung.

Director General Lin reminds the public that now to incorporate with the events of the "2020 Taichung Shopping Festival," the Taichung City Government gives away grand prizes such as a luxurious house, cars and cash for shoppers who consume at cooperative shops and register the received GUI invoices during the event time! For more information about the Taichung Shopping Festival, please visit the event website (https://funtaichung.tw/2020shopping).

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