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Safe and fun trips to Taichung; Spending for More Prizes in Taichung with Stimulus Vouchers

  • Date: 2020-07-27
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Gaomei Wetlands

The "Triple Stimulus Voucher" program has been launched by the Central Government. During the summer vacation, Taichung is the top choice as an ideal tourist destination of safe and fun trips! The Bureau of Tourism and Travel of the Taichung City Government promotes incentive packages of domestic tours in Taichung and by working with the tourism industry, the Bureau announces incentives offered by almost 100 stores. At the same time, incorporating with the popular Taichung Shopping Festival, the Bureau works with 100 selected hotels, 10,000 cooperative shops and offers prizes exceeding NT$20 million. The Taichung City Government even launches 13 incentive initiatives under the "ten incentives for stimulation" including cooperation with the hotel industry, the souvenir industry, and the tourism factory industry to offer the "NT$1,888 Fortunate" package tours with super value to invite everyone to Taichung for valuable spending of triple stimulus vouchers and fun.

Director General of the Bureau, Lin Shiau-chi, said in the post-pandemic era, it is time to stimulate the tourism industry. The Bureau especially invites the Taichung Hotel Association, the Tourism Hotel Association, the Tourism Factory Association and the Souvenir Association to jointly launch limited incentives for stimulus packages up from NT$1,888 including one room in a hotel for two persons, two breakfasts, and one local souvenir and two tickets to a tourism factory.

Taichung has diverse and rich mountains, oceans and urban tourism resources. The Bureau has published a book entitled "Taichung Unique Sceneries in 29 Districts" introducing 58 unique sceneries of mountains, oceans and cultural sites to visitors. Visitors can enjoy natural ecology in Guguang Hot Spring, Dongshi Forest Garden; red sunset in Gaomei Wetlands; Rainbow Military Village and National Taichung Theater; biking on Fengyuan Green Biking Corridor and Houfeng Biking Path. These must-visit scenery sites are all introduced for your travel convenience in the book. With that book, you can become a travel master to tour around Taichung in happiness!

The Bureau added that eight tourism hotels in Taichung have launched the incentive program and visitors who stay during the weekdays will enjoy more incentives. That is a smart and economic tip! During this summer vacation, consumption in Taichung over of NT$500 is eligible for lucky draws after registering online. There are more than 130 cooperative hotels and shops that have joined the Taichung Shopping Festival. Additionally, there is the incentives with super value for triple accumulation of consumption amounts. The Taichung Shopping Festival provides the best incentives in Taiwan with daily lucky draws of e-scooters, weekly lucky draws of cash prizes worth NT$100,000 and bi-weekly lucky draws of cars as well as grand cash prizes of NT$1 million and a luxurious house with a value of over NT$2 million. Come and visit Taichung with ease and fun and win your "grand prize!"

Furthermore, the "Eight Tour Itineraries on the Shopping Buses" depart from various sites to popular destinations including Rainbow Military Village, waterfront of Liouchuan, Second Market, Carton King, Yizhong Night Market, Fengjia Commercial District, and Lipo Resort! Riding on the bus, visitors will be able to enjoy gourmet foods, beautiful sceneries and nice vacations! By spending more in Taichung, lucky winners will be able to bring home an e-scooter worth NT$50,000!

Taichung is your top choice for a safe and fun trip! For more tourism incentive information and free download of "Taichung's Unique Sceneries in 29 Districts," please visit the tourism website of the Bureau of Tourism and Travel of the Taichung City at https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/ and information about the Taichung Shopping Festival please go to https://funtaichung.tw/2020shopping. For tours on the shopping buses, please register at https://tinyurl.com/y3c89n8h.

  • Date : 2020-07-22
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