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Taichung, Your Top Choice for a Safe and Comfortable Trip and for Increasing Tourism Boosted by Subsidy Incentives

  • Date: 2020-08-04
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Taichung, Your Top Choice for a Safe and Comfortable Trip and for Increasing Tourism Boosted by Subsidy Incentives

The safe and comfortable tour program began on July 1st and for visitors who come to Taichung on both weekdays and weekends and join the incentive activities by staying at a hotel or guest house. They can enjoy the discount of NT$1,000 per room per night. Incorporating with the Program, the Tourism and Travel Bureau of the Taichung City Government integrated governmental and industrial resources to introduce the city-wide tourism promotion. Since July 1st, several promotion films were launched and seminars on “Taichung, Your Top Choice for a Safe and Comfortable Trip” were organized in Taipei City and Kaohsiung City. As of the 23rd, the subsidy amount for people around Taiwan to apply for safe and comfortable trips to Taichung totaled NT$68 million for 68,000 rooms. Leading other cities, Taichung demonstrated the increasing tourism and is ranked among the top 4 destination city in Taiwan.

Lin Shiau-chi, Director General of the Tourism and Travel Bureau, said the safe and comfortable tour program incorporates with the Taichung Shopping Festival and “Ten-time Stimulus Vouchers in Taichung” incentives and has resulted in positive feedbacks. The first round of incentive amount for tourism subsidies is about to be used up and the Taichung City Government quickly applied the amount of NT$80 million for the second round on July 23rd. It is estimated that soon by the end of August, it will apply for the third-round subsidies. The Taichung City Government properly plans the schedule to enable people around Taiwan to visit Taichung for the convenience of applying subsidies to the Program and various other incentives.

Additionally, the Taichung City Government will host a series of exciting events in this second half year including large attractive events such as the Hot Spring Festival in August, the Biking Festival in September, the International Dancing Festival in October, and International Flower Carpet Festival in November. Meanwhile, tourism and performing arts programs as well as consumer invitation programs to tourism and business districts welcome parents and children, the senior, the youth, online celebrities and travel bloggers. Taichung, definitely, is your top domestic tourist destination.

For information about hotel operators and incentives of Taichung Safe and Comfortable Trip Program, please visit the Taichung Tourism and Travel Website (https://www.tourism.taichung.gov.tw).

  • Date : 2020-07-28
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