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Announcing the Taichung MRT Ticket Price for NT$20 within Five Kilometers

  • Date: 2020-08-04
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
The Green Line of the Taichung MRT- Wenxin Forest Park Station

The Taichung MRT is expected to operate by the end of the year and the Taichung MRT Corporation today (the 24th) announced the lowering of the ticket price for riding on the Green Line starting from NT$20 within five kilometers (inclusive) and then NT$5 for every additional two kilometers. In the future, ticketing prices will be reviewed every two years according to the Mass Rapid Transit Act and the calculation formula of the Mass Rapid Transit System for more convenient public transportation services.

The President of Taichung MRT Corporation, Lin Chih-Ying, said ticket types are planned with the user-friendly principle including "single-journey tickets," "discount tickets for the elderly and disabled," "group discount tickets" and "excursion tickets." Adjustments will be made according to uses and market status after implementation. Diverse types of tickets include such tickets as joint tickets, discount monthly tickets, travel group tickets to satisfy different needs. President Lin calls for frequent riding on the Taichung MRT to experience a new and convenient life in Taichung.

The Taichung MRT Corporation said, according to the " Mass Rapid Transit Act"and "the Autonomous Statutes for the Organization of the Taichung MRT Corporation," it has proposed the ticketing price initiative to the Taichung City Government and that initiative was approved respectively by the Commission of Operating Price of the Taichung City Government on February 7th and the Taichung City Civic Affairs Meeting on March 31st. Later, the proposal was respectively ratified by the Taichung City Council on May 15th and the Taichung City Government on July 13th. After receiving the letter of approval, the Taichung MRT Corporation made the announcement officially today.

The Taichung MRT Corporation added that in the beginning, lower prices are set to encourage more riders on the Taichung MRT and make the riding part of public life. For example, it takes about 32 minutes to ride from Beitun Terminal Station to Taichung THSR Station and the ticketing price is no more than NT$50, offering residents in Taichung a quick, convenient and safe transportation choice.

  • Date : 2020-07-28
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