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Transportation Bureau of Taichung Organizes Seminar on Building Smart Transportation with Big Data with Experts from Government and the Industry

  • Date: 2020-07-31
  • Issued by: Transportation Bureau

Since 2017, the Taichung City Government installed real-time management and control measures at 28 intersections, respectively, surrounding the Daya Interchange, Taichung Interchange, Nantun Interchange, and Zhongqing Rd. The "Intelligent Dynamic Signal Systems" were mounted to ease traffic flow and avoid traffic jams. Cooperating with the Innovation Center for Intelligent Transportation and Logistics of Feng Chia University, the Transportation Bureau of the Taichung City Government organized the "Seminar on Open Data Demands and Applications" with the aim to enhance information services of public travel and transportation and to facilitate the development of the tourism industry. The "Seminar on Open Data Demands and Applications" was held at Feng Chia University and 55 participants were invited to the Seminar. According to the Transportation Bureau, the Seminar tackled issues under "Value Adding and Applications of Transportation Information," "Public Transportation Services (MaaS)" and Cooperation for the Development of Transportation Management Platforms." Opinions from attending industrial representatives were discussed and exchanged to facilitate digital transformation in practical aspects of tourism and travel through the public and private partnership for the provision of more convenient public transportation services. "It is now the global trend to welcome the arrival of digital time and open information!" said Yeh Chao-Fu, General Director of Transportation Bureau. The government will transform open data into big data to generate meaningful information, a technique to acquire "value." Because data comes from open sources, when data is applied for public uses, it will help businesses to develop innovative services and derive value-added information for the enhancement of convenience and social welfare. Director General Yeh emphasized that transportation has been an issue of public concern and by using big data accumulated by the government, efficiency in governance can be greatly improved. Since 2017, the installation of the " Intelligent Dynamic Signal System Project on Main Transportation Routes in Taichung" at important intersections has been continuously implemented to introduce real-time traffic forecasts and big data analyses for the real-time transportation control and management, easing traffic flow and alleviating traffic jams. The Bureau would like to thank the suggestions given by the representatives from the governmental, industrial, academic and research agencies. Discussion results of the Seminar will be used as the guidelines for future Taichung's intelligent transportation policies. Attendees of the Seminar included 55 representatives from the governmental, industrial, academic, and research agencies such as the Section Chief of Technology Advisory Office of the MOTC, Liu Chiang-Ban, Leader of Transportation Institute of the MOTC, Wu Tung-Ling, Deputy Department Head of Transportation Control of Taipei City, Liu Jui-Lin, Professor Wu Chiang-Sheng from National Central University, Professor Lin Da-Chie from Feng Chia University, the Founder of Metropia Taiwan, Dr. Chiou Yi-Chang, and Vice General Manager of CECI, Wang Tzi-An.

  • Date : 2020-07-31
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