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Prepare for the Pandemic Resurgence! Mayor Lu leads Inspection Task for the "Eased Life but Strict Prevention of the Pandemic"

  • Date: 2020-08-10
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Inspection Made by Mayor Lu in Person for Pandemic Prevention and Control Measures Implemented by Businesses

Over the past few days, Taiwan was reported with new infection cases without an identified source of infection. The Taichung City Government today (the 4th) initiated the "Face Mask Wearing and Real-Name Registration Inspection Task Force" led by Mayor Lu in person to inspect the implementation of pandemic prevention and control at SWS KTV Taichung. "We protect the citizens without interrupting their lives," said Mayor Lu. For the safety of Taichung, she has to tighten pandemic prevention and control measures to build a safe consumption environment at various sites. The citizens are required to wear a face mask at the five venues and register with a real name to respond to the "eased life but strict prevention of the pandemic."

Mayor Lu today led Deputy Mayor Chen Tzi-ching, Director General for Economic Development, Chang Feng-yuan, Director General of the Police Department, Yang Yuan-Ming, as well as directors of the Health Bureau, the Urban Development Bureau and the Fire Department to inspect at the implementation statuses of real-name(joint) registration and face mask wearing at the large KTV. People entering the site are required to give information on their names and telephone numbers and disinfect their hands. When entering indoor spaces such as in elevators, people shall wear face masks to prevent and control the pandemic.

According to Mayor Lu in the past few days, several imported cases of COVID-19 were confirmed and around the world, people with the infection exceeded 18.2 million. In particular, a Japanese school girl, a Thai migrant worker, returning to their home countries and a Belgium engineer in Changhua were tested positive for COVID-19 without identified sources. In order to protect the citizens of Taichung, the Taichung City Government would remain vigilant. Firstly, it would target elevators, cram schools, cinemas, reading centers and KTV as the five venues that are mandated with mask-wearing by the central government for inspection and people are now advised to wear masks. Further adjustments shall be made according to the pandemic situation.

In today's initial inspection, Mayor Lu checked each room for mask wearing and found a group of university students there celebrating a friend's birthday. They all were wearing face masks. They said they were aware of the government's advice and prepared their masks for singing at the KTV. They also incorporated with the real-name registration requirement to protect themselves and others. Mayor Lu would like to thank the cooperation of citizens in Taichung and tightening pandemic prevention and control measures for better safeguarding the safety of citizens with the "eased life but strict prevention of the pandemic." In the end, she also said happy birthday to three of them.

Additionally, various agencies of the Taichung City Government also took a part in the inspection especially for "indoor spaces or sites" as well as "elevators at these venues." In addition to continuous inspections will be carried out by Deputy Mayor Chen Tzi-Ching at Holiday KTV Fengjia and Cashbox KTV's flagship store, the Information Bureau and the Education Bureau and the Housing Development Department will also respectively gradually inspect for the implementation of mask-wearing, hand disinfection and real-name registration at chain cinemas, cram schools and elevators of residential buildings in downtown and communities to ensure cooperation from businesses and citizens for tighter pandemic prevention and control.

  • Date : 2020-08-05
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