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Wanggaoliao Night View Park Completed – Mayor Lu: Admire the Breathtaking Night Scenery to Spice up Romance

  • Date: 2020-08-18
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Wanggaoliao Night View Park – Optimizing traffic flow based on existing terrain complemented by lighting design

The Taichung City Government has invested nearly TWD10 million to optimize the Wanggaoliao Night View Park. Using the existing terrain coupled with optimized traffic flow and light decorations, the park has been endowed with stunning vistas comparable to that of Hakodate City in Japan. Since it was opened during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the park has attracted countless visitors. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen personally visited the park today (August 10), where she praised Wanggaoliao for its unparalleled night scenery and fantastic mood lighting, making it the premier night scenery destination in central Taiwan. She welcomed the citizens to bring their dates here to spice up their romance.

"Lovers must pay a visit to Wanggaoliao!" Mayor Lu commented that the Wanggaoliao Night View Park was completed a decade ago, and it has always been a popular dating destination. However, the park's original design is no longer capable of accommodating modern needs and it has become potentially hazardous. In response to the elected representatives' suggestions, the city government has invested almost TWD10 million to rebuild Dingliao and Xialiao, transforming it into a well-lit area with marvelous ambiance, perfect for lovers or couples to spice up their relationships.

The Wanggaoliao Night View Park is the first night scenery-themed park in the country; besides the advantage of a terrain that is suitable for recreational purposes, the park also offers an incredible view of Taichung's landscape in the distance. Inspired by the theme of a Forest Concert, the reconstruction process involves the use of specially-arranged lighting fixtures to continue the visual appeal of the night scenery to the lights on the ground, thereby creating a rich visual feast.

Additionally, the Construction Bureau has implemented environmental optimization design and the Taichung Melody Project based on existing terrain and traffic flow to create a friendly, harmonious environment. The project involves the replacement of obsolete equipment, overhauling of the seat surfaces in the park, as well as installing stair railings and adjusting the lights. Other measures include improving the height differences of the trail to make it more user-friendly and accessible by wheelchairs and baby strollers. The facility also enhances the enjoyment of viewing the sceneries.

According to the Construction Bureau Director-General, Chen Ta-Tien, the grand central stage in the park has been retained for the Wanggaoliao Night View Park optimization project, allowing the glittering night scenery ahead to complement the grand stage that can, in turn, accommodate various performance activities. In addition to lowering the height of the landscape mound at the entrance, anti-glare lights have been installed to engender a romantic atmosphere at night with a lighting design that mimics twinkling stars in the sky. On the other hand, chairs in the park have been revamped, new seats have been installed on the retaining wall, while native trees from Dadu Mountain are planted to provide the public with a cozy venue from which to admire the views.

Director-General Chen emphasized that the total cost of the project is TWD9.07 million, all raised by the city government. The city hall has collaborated with park security and the Police Department to offer safer nighttime management and create a user-friendly recreational environment. It is hoped that the unique scenic destination will facilitate an influx of tourists and form a brand new green space that can serve as a comfortable recreational venue for the citizens.

Dignitaries attending today's inauguration ceremony include Environmental Protection Bureau Director-General Wu Chih-Chao, New Construction Office Director-General Yeh Shuang-Fu, Nantun District Acting District Executive Lin Chiu-Wan, City Councilors Chu Nuan-Ying, Wu Chiung-Hua, Chang Yao-Chung, and other local district executives.

  • Date : 2020-08-11
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