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Taichung's 21 Eateries were Listed in the Bib Gourmand of Michelin; according to Mayor Lu, Taichung's Gourmet Foods are now known to the World.

  • Date: 2020-08-18
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Taichung's 21 Eateries were Listed in the Bib Gourmand of Michelin; according to Mayor Lu, Taichung's Gourmet Foods are now known to the World.

Congratulations, Taichung! Covered for the very first time this year, Michelin released its list this year that includes Taichung. Today (the 11th), the 2020 Bib Gourmand selection for Taichung was announced to include 21 gourmet restaurants and eateries in Taichung. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen happily shared "this good news of Taichung" with others. She said, the Michelin's list recommends Taichung's featured local gourmet foods including braised pork knuckles, Taiwanese noodles, Shanghai food, Jiang Je dishes and Indian cuisine. In addition to restaurants that people in Taichung are familiar with, there are some best new restaurants waiting to be explored. She looked at the list and recommended that these are "must try" restaurants. Gourmet lovers are welcome to try these dishes listed by Michelin in Taichung.

The " 2020 Taipei and Taichung Michelin Guide " will be announced on August 24th. The first released "Big Gourmand Selection " today includes restaurants and street vendors in Taipei as well as 21 in Taichung, for the first time, such as Fan Ji Jin Zhi Yuan, Dong Shan Zhan, Fu Din Wang (Central District), Fu Juang Yuan Pork Knuckles, Fu Gui Ting, Orient Dragon, Peng Cheng Tang, Wen Tao, San Xi Restaurant, Shin Yuan, A Kun’s Noodles, TK Congee, Shang Niu Er Guan Beef Soup, Shang Hai Wei Ming Noodles, Gubami, Chillies Indian Restaurant (West District), Lu Yuan, 1924 Restaurant, Qin Yuan Chun, Jing Hua Yan Yun, and Hu She Yu Wei.

"Taichung's gourmet foods are now known to the world," said Mayor Lu. In the past, when Mayor Lu served as the legislator, she strongly suggested to include gourmet foods of Central and Southern Taiwan in the list. Vice President, William Lai, who was the Premier during that time promised to give assistance. Over the past one and half years after her inauguration as the Mayor of Taichung, finally, "Taichung was included in the selection list!" Mayor Lu would like to thank the support of Vice President, William Lai, and the Minister of the Transportation and Communications, Lin Chia-Lung, and she welcomes them to Taichung to taste the Michelin selected cuisines.

Additionally, when speaking of gourmet foods of Taichung, Mayor Lu highly recommends Taichung's local delicacies. She said this first wave of announcements made by Michelin, "the Big Gourmand Selection," lists affordable and high quality foods including Taiwanese casserole congee, Shanghai and Jiang Je dishes, and Indian cuisine. Among them, there are Taichung's representative local delicacies, "braised pork knuckles" of Fu Din Wang (Central District) and Fu Juang Yuan with chewy, mild taste and good smell. She is one of their loyal customers. A Kun’s Noodles in the Central District which has been operating more than 50 years and prepares all yummy and mouthwatering dishes for its customers. She will find time to dine in soon.

Mayor Lu welcomes all visitors to Taichung for dishes recommended by Michelin and if visitors visit Taichung before the end of August, they will have the chance to register their invoices for lucky draws of grand prizes at the Taichung Shopping Festival such as a luxurious house worth millions, cash prizes of NT$100,000 and e-scooters for their consumption exceeding NT$500.

  • Date : 2020-08-12
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