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Taichung Shopping Festival exceeds TWD9 billion; Ms. Lin from Nantun wins TWD10 million luxury mansion

  • Date: 2020-09-25
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Taichung Shopping Festival exceeds TWD9 billion – Ms. Lin from Nantun wins TWD10 million luxury mansion

The 2020 Taichung Shopping Festival has generated over TWD9 billion in sales, fostering economic benefits in the nearby hotels, souvenir shops, transportation industries and business districts. Tonight (September 12), the Taichung Shopping Festival reached a climax when Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen drew the lucky winner of the TWD10 million luxury mansion at the Civil Affairs Bureau's "Splendid Civil Affairs – Blossoming Taichung" concert, which went to Ms. Lin from the Nantun District. Mayor Lu called out to the grand prize winner, who could not believe her luck and exclaimed "My heart is pounding right now!" According to Mayor Lu, this year's shopping festival has demonstrated remarkable results, so she expressed her gratitude for the enthusiastic support of the stores and the citizens. She said that the shopping festival will be organized again next year to continue stimulating the economy!

The drawing of the Taichung Shopping Festival's grand prize took place today at the Fulfillment Amphitheatre in Wenxin Forest Park. In addition to the large bustling crowd at the scene, nearly 1,000 netizens also viewed the live stream online when Mayor Lu, Economic Development Bureau Director-General Chang Feng-Yuen, Civil Affairs Bureau Director Wu Shih-Wei, Urban Development Bureau Director-General Huang Wen-Ping, Cultural Affairs Bureau Director-General Chang Ta-Chun, Finance Bureau Director-General Lo Hsien-Fa, City Councilor Liu Shih-Chou, Lih Pao Group Vice Chairman Chen Chih-Hung, artists Hsu Wen-Jung and Liao Pen-Sheng drew the lucky winners of the 70-inch television and 2 TWD1 million paintings. With the audience waiting with bated breaths, the lucky winner of the grand prize (TWD10 million luxury mansion) was Ms. Lin, a Kaohsiung citizen working in Taichung and currently renting a house in the Nantun District.

When Mayor Lu called out to Ms. Lin, she said that "This is Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen, do you know why I am calling you?" To which Ms. Lin replied surprisingly "Have I won a prize or something?" Mayor Lu went on to say "Congratulations! You have just won the grand prize of the 2nd Taichung Shopping Festival, a TWD10 million luxury mansion!" Ms. Lin shouted "This is simply too incredible! My heart is pounding so fast right now!" The interesting conversation brought chuckles to the audience.

Mayor Lu indicated that this year's Taichung Shopping Festival has attracted the people of Taiwan to stimulate the economy together and it has shown outstanding benefits, exceeding a total spending of TWD9 billion, making it the top-performing shopping festival of all similar events held by different municipalities in Taiwan. In particular, the inclusion of the e-commerce platform has allowed many citizens from other municipalities to make purchases in Taichung and stimulate the local economy, for that she is extremely grateful.

Moreover, Mayor Lu also thanked the organizer (colleagues from the Economic Development Bureau) for a year of preparation, the city councilors for approving the budget and many sponsors including the Lih Pao Group – the provider of the luxury mansion grand prize as well as artists Hsu Wen-Jung and Liao Pen-Sheng, who provided the TWD1 million paintings. She also mentioned that although the 2nd Taichung Shopping Festival has ended, we will continue to revitalize the economy. "If you did not win the TWD10 million mansion, the TWD1 million motorcycle or electric scooter, come back again next year!" Said the Mayor.

According to the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Splendid Civil Affairs – Blossoming Taichung concert began at 15:00 today at the Wenxin Forest Park. The event includes a series of activities such as the community creative bazaar, community exploration and treasure hunt, interesting family DIY games, and so on. In the evening, the concert kicked off with curtain-raising performances by Taichung's very own independent Amphibious and MenliveN at 18:00, while Mayor Lu and other guests drew the lucky winners for the TWD10 million mansion grand prize, 70-inch television and renowned paintings Fragrance of the Lotus Pond and Monochrome – Coordinates 20F-03 by distinguished artists Hsu Wen-Jung and Liao Pen-Sheng. Thereafter, 1,000 people were invited to dance to the theme song of the concert Bravo Taichung and this was followed by a scintillating singing performance from the Golden Melody Awards winner Only You, Liang Wen-Yin, Eason Lee, Vicky Chen, Evan Yo and Lin Liang-Huan!

Civil Affairs Bureau pointed out that the community creative bazaar features specialty gourmet delicacies, agricultural products, and cultural and creative merchandise from various farmers' associations in Taichung to let the visitors appreciate the magnificence and joy of living in Taichung. In particular, the theme MV Bravo Taichung was created exclusively for the concert, taking the audience to visit attractions in Greater Taichung through youthful and dynamic dancing. The video features classic sceneries, historic monuments, majestic landscapes, and diverse culinary culture of different districts, allowing the public to experience the fun of great food, great entertainment, great shopping, great bargains and the great life in Taichung.

  • Date : 2020-09-16
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