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Taichung Central Park for Visitors Opens for those Who Missed Fantastic European Flower and Garden Tours

  • Date: 2020-09-26
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
A Fairy Land of Flower Plants in the European Style Incorporated with Featured Walk Paths and Scenic Landmarks at the Park

The Taichung Central Park is expected to be officially opened in December this year and in order to greet the nationwide visitors, the Construction Bureau of the Taichung City Government selected the site near the upper area of Section 2 of Dunhua Rd. as well as the experiential area for the balance of the 12 senses to plant floral plants on the land measuring 950 square meters incorporated with featured walk paths and scenery landscape for visitors to the fairy land of flowers and gardens following the European style. The Bureau especially invites camera buffs and flower lovers to visit the place during the blossom season which will continue until the end of this year. Your nostalgia for traveling abroad can be definitely satisfied!

Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tien, pointed out that in addition to the endemic plants in Taiwan, the Taichung Central Park also grows perennials and evergreen herbaceous and flowering plants with different blossoming seasons and to celebrate its opening, the Bureau has also selected different seasonal plants such as French Marigold, Common Cockscomb, Sage, Common Petunia, Madagascar Periwinkle, Philodendron and Common Lantana to offer rich visual enjoyment for visitors. At sunset, visitors will feel the exotic atmosphere here. In addition to recently planted flower blossoms, waving Miscanthus on the ecological grasslands and green grasses coming out from little pots give more intimate touches to the rich macron color palette at the park and provide more enjoyment to its visitors.

According to the Bureau, the Taichung Central Park was rebuilt at the site of Taichung Shuinan Airport. With the planning objectives of peace, ecology, flood detention, disaster mitigation, emission reduction and recreation, the City Government got rid of the landscape of hard concrete runway pavements by planting more than 106 species of arbor at the total amount of more than 10,000 plants, 83% of the endemic plants, to present the diverse urban island suitable for habitats of different species. Along with time, different landscapes will be seen. Residents of Taichung are welcome to explore this mysterious forest ecosystem.

  • Date : 2020-09-21
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