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Taichung Cartoon Animation Commences on 10/9 with the First Classical Beyblade Contest

  • Date: 2020-10-07
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Taichung Cartoon Animation commences on 10/9 with the First Classical Beyblade Contest

The 4th "2020 Taichung International Cartoon Animation Expo" will be held between October 9th and 18th by the Government Information Bureau of Taichung City at Cultural Heritage Park of Ministry of Culture. Under the theme of "Hito Taichung! Building Our Own Home Court," the Expo features sports and passion with the participation of popular cartoon animations including "Beyblade Burst Generation G" and "MAJOR 2nd" from Japan as well as domestic "Tauko Playing Baseball." Additionally, there will be the Beyblade Contest at the venue to present its classical passionate cartoon elements to visitors.

The Bureau today (29th) held the press conference before the commencement of the "2020 Taichung International Cartoon Animation Expo" at the Civic Building on Taiwan Boulevard. Director General of the Government Information Bureau, Huang Guo-Wei, dressed up as the main character of "Tauko Playing Baseball," Zhou Da-Hua attended the press conference and invited the participation of friends of all ages. The well-known performing group of cartoon animation music, "KIRABASE," also performed their dance music at the venue. Students from the Cartoon Animation Club of National Taichung University of Science and Technology also dressed up as famous cartoon animation characters to cheer for the event.

According to Director General Huang, this international cartoon animation expo features the sports style and plans experiential area, interactive area and recreation area for different types of fun. In addition, there is product sales area for visitors to buy peripheral products of cartoon animation. He also reminded visitors to the Expo to wear a face mask or maintain a safe social distance. Visitors shall also cooperate with the organizer to have their body temperature checked to maintain health and safety.

The Curator, Chou Yu-Ren, said each of us has our favorite cartoon animation in our heart and cartoon animation impacts the life of many people. To respond to the Tokyo Olympics, this international cartoon animation expo features sports and passion. Sports lovers are especially welcome to the Expo. This event offers opportunities for visitors of all ages to experience and create. It is hoped that the cartoon animation culture can be developed through education.

The President of the Taichung Comic Artists Association, Mr. Hung Tu-Fu, created two cartoon animation characters for the Expo, respectively, the young female baseball and basketball players, "Hui-Xin" and "Si Lien." President Hung said, the journey of cartoon animation creation in Taiwan is very difficult and he is very pleased to see its active promotion by the Taichung City Government. He also called for the public support for the cartoon animation industry.

According to the Government Information Bureau, unlike those expos in previous years, the 2020 Taichung International Cartoon Animation Expo is planned with scenario-based interactive exhibition areas and the scene of little ones’ favorite Beyblade Contest is shown at the venue. At the same time, the Taichung Comic Artists Association and local cartoon animation clubs are invited for special performances. There is also the "interdisciplinary collaborative work shop of cartoon animation" Cosplay master class. Students of the class will exhibit their works on October 24th. Famous Taiwanese Cosers, Xi Zhen, Sima Yi, Hong Yue Si and Tang Wei-Chun, will be the judges and give their comments on that day.

The Government Information Bureau reminded the public that in order to maintain the health of everyone. Real-name registration, body temperature measurement, hand sanitization are required before entering the venue. Those with their body temperature exceeding 37.5°C will not be admitted. Visitors are advised to wear a face mask or maintain a safe social distance. For more information about the "2020 Taichung International Cartoon Animation Expo" and updated news, please visit the official fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/TaiCAF/.

  • Date : 2020-09-30
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