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Completion of the T.Q. Golden Award Winning Tour Operator Inspection Tours of the 2020 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival

Completion of the T.Q. Golden Award Winning Tour Operator Inspection Tours of the 2020 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival
Completion of the T.Q. Golden Award Winning Tour Operator Inspection Tours of the 2020 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival
The Bureau of Tourism and Travel of the Taichung City Government planned and prepared pre-activities for the Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival scheduled on November 14th by inviting 16 T.Q. Golden Award winning tour operators to participate in the "Inspection Tours of the T.Q. Premium Flower Carpet Festival" on the 7th and 8th. Tours included visits to secret mountain sceneries in Taichung for the first- hand experience for future flower viewing packages. Lin Shiau-chi, Director General of the Bureau of Tourism and Travel, said the great mountain town area in Taichung has abundant tourism resources and to prepare the creative tours for the public to appreciate LOHAS charm of these mountain towns and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Flower Carpet Festival, the Bureau links up all tourism resources of mountain towns available for the arrival of domestic tourism explosion in the post pandemic time.
According to the Bureau, the first stop of the inspection tour is the Gong Lao Ping in Fengyuan where tour operators can enjoy the fun of ripe persimmon picking as the season of yellowish oranges is coming soon. They will then visit the recreational agricultural area in Dongshi to experience the Hakka culture as well as one of the most important agricultural produce sites, Taiwan’s largest wholesale market. Juicy seasonal sand pears were also bought as the souvenir of this inspection tour.
At night, inspector tour members will stay at the mountain area for healing hot spring waters and enjoy comfort and relaxation. On the second day, they will go to the venue site of the Festival, Xinshe, and pick the freshest mushrooms and eggs. They will have the DIY fun activity to make Chawanmushi with the experience of the farm to table process. On their way back home, they will stop in Houli to buy Taiwan’s first wood work brand sold and bring Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann items home. They will also be the first group of visitors to Taiwan’s sole and only sports car themed hotel. The amazing itineraries will help tour operators to plan for tours launched in November.
Director General Lin said, the grant mountain town area has unique tourism resources and over the past years, the Bureau has been devoted to the promotion of tourism and recreational agriculture as well as LOHAS tours in small towns. These efforts help to develop the industrial chain of agricultural produce and tourism apart from local residence of masters in herb planting, wood work, ceramic craft and wine making. More energy in unique styles has been brought to the mountain town areas.
She pointed out that the Bureau works closely with local tour operators to market the area via various events with the aim to attract more tourists to explore diverse resources of the mountain towns. Meanwhile, by visiting the Festival, visitors are able to relax body and mind with natural healing for enhanced immunity.
The 2020 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival will be held in Xinshe for 23 days between November 14th and December 6th that includes four weeks of weekend holidays. The Festival will bring the visitor the best visiting experience. The Bureau calls for cooperation of visitors for the compliance of pandemic prevention measures and ask them to wear a face mask and maintain proper social distancing. Visitors shall also arrange their tours early to avoid huge crowds and the use of public transportation and shuttle buses are encouraged to relaxingly visit the beauty of Xinshe and the mountain towns in Taichung.
  • Data update: 2020-10-19
  • Publish Date: 2020-10-12
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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