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Presence of Volunteer Workers + Dining Services at the Optimized Visitor Center of Central Park

Visitor Center of the Central Park
Visitor Center of the Central Park
The Shuinan Central Park will be open on December 6th this year where the adjacent visitor center is designed with the concept of a spaceship presenting the impressive white curves of its architecture. The first presence business was Family Mart that opens today(13th) and to respond to the design concept of the French landscape architects of Mosbach Paysagistes, its design incorporated with the axis of "arts" and "ecology" and the characteristic ceiling, floor tiles and chandelier attracted many visitors to post and take photos. Additionally, on October 5th, volunteers were present here to provide considerate and guided services to visitors.
According to the Construction Bureau, the Taichung City Government set up the visitor center on Zhongke Rd. with the interior design of the high-tech spaceship concept and exterior design of modern white architecture and steel structure. There was the service counter to provide tourism information as well as the presence of the Family Mart convenience store via investment recruitment to provide various services related to the Park including traffic guidance, basic information of the Park, dining and toilet services.
The Construction Bureau pointed out that the Family Mart convenience store that opened today was the branch store of the one at the Central Park which was especially designed with famous scenic sites in Taiwan and as a specialty store. The open ceiling design of the shop matches with the outdoors peg board design and circular double-color temperature design that presents indoor lighting in layers. The color temperature of the modern skylight, chandelier and track lighting incorporated with a modern design creates lighting and warm effects.
Additionally, the ceiling of the dining area preserves the original color of the Visitor Center and decorated charms of migratory birds. The overall design is a perfect match with those flying migratory birds at the park presenting a diverse ecological system that attracts many visitors.
The Construction Bureau said that the Central Park occupies about 67 hectares and starting from this January, it began recruiting volunteers who received professional training on on-site guided tours and service counter consultations by the Administration of Central Park. In the beginning of this August, 104 volunteers were trained and started working for the Visitor Center on October 5th. These volunteers were on duty from 9:00 to 17:00 every day, providing park consultation, patrols and inspections, and guided ecological tours. They introduced the special landscape design concepts of the Central Park and three main development cores on intelligence, low-carbon and innovation to invite Taichung citizens to jointly promote the Central Park.
According to the Construction Bureau, several volunteers grew up in the neighborhood of Shuinan Airport and were impressed with the high expectations on the migration construction of the Airport and the transformation of the Central Park initiated by the Taichung City Government. To strengthen the connection to the local community, the Central Park Subsidiary of Fuying Co., Ltd. planned to launch "Airplane Meal Boxes" and picnic pads to allow visitors to have a picnic at the Central Park and to enjoy soft grasslands, fresh air, sunlight and waterfront sceneries of the detention pond.
Director General of the Construction Bureau, Chen Ta-Tien, said that Fuying obtained the operating rights of the Visitor Center of Central Park via tendering and it jointly cooperated with the Family Mart Group. In the future, more comprehensive dining and tourism consultation services are expected to be provided to visitors by them.
Attendees of today’s commencement ceremony of the Visitor Center included Director General of the Information Bureau, Huang Kuo-Wei, Chief Secretary of the Construction Bureau, Chen Chun-Ren, Councilman, Huang Hsin-Hui, Chief Manager of Central Taiwan of Family Mart Group, Tsai Jui-Chien, President of Fuying Co., Ltd., Chou Sheng-Ta and Manager of the Branch Store, Kuo Pei-Ying.

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  • Data update: 2020-11-24
  • Publish Date: 2020-11-17
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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