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12 Stores Jointly Launch Xmas Monster 2.0 at Guangfu New Village with Dream Xmas Tree

  • Date: 2020-12-01
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Theme Poster of the Event

Continuing last year's theme of "Monster Xmas Village," the Youth Entrepreneurship Base at Guangfu New Village in Wufong will organize the event of "Monster Xmas Village 2.0-Monster Search and Point Collection" between November 28th and January 3rd next year to greet this Xmas. During the event time, the Dream Xmas Tree made from recycled bamboos by 12 stores is scheduled to be lit. Additionally, visitors will be able to find featured monster stickers and complete their collections to redeem small gifts. Everyone is welcome to take part.

According to the Bureau of Labor Affairs, 12 stores including Miao Village, JINDY, Caifong Patisserie Café, Charity Shop for India, Wuwu Social Craft, The Firmament Bakery, James Farm, Punien Life, Maybee's Handmade, Dancing Aroma of Wine, MIZ Shop and Ren Ren Hou Studio have jointly organized the event and during the event, cards for point collection can be picked up at the participating shops. Visitors are invited to look for monsters inside the Guangfu New Village and those who successfully complete the specific tasks will be able to receive lovely monster stickers. With 6 stickers, visitors can redeem a monster pen; with 11 stickers, they will be able to redeem a specially made monster tattoo sticker. Collection cards are also papers for color painting for visitors to enjoy the fun to color paint monsters.

The Bureau of Labor Affairs pointed out that Wufong Guangxu New Village is filled with military community and nostalgia style and with the establishment of the Youth Entrepreneurship Base, the Taichung City Government has provided measures including grants, subsidies and consultation for operators to attract the presence of young entrepreneurs mainly in the fields of visual arts creation, cultural and creative sector, and dining. By introducing the vigor and vitality of the youth, the Guangfu New Village has been revitalized. Visitors are welcome to search monsters during the event! For more information about the event, please go to the portal website of "The One-stop Youth Entrepreneurship in Taichung( https://www.tcdream.taichung.gov.tw/ ) or the fanpage on Facebook, "The Star Picking Youth for Realizing Dreams in Taichung”( https://www.facebook.com/catchstarTaichung/ ).

  • Date : 2020-11-26
  • Hit: 55

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