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You are the Bike King! Taichung’s Most Beautiful Costal Bike Lane for You

  • Date: 2020-12-03
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Dajia Songpo Bike Lane

The COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down in Taiwan and the Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau is encouraging the public to go outdoors to relax both body and mind and is especially recommending the two-day and one-night bike tour to Taichung’s costal line, the Gaomei Wetlands and Longjing Dike. Biking helps to burn calories, boosts immunity and brings the joy of the sport.

Director General of the Tourism and Travel Bureau, Lin Shiau-chi, said the Costal Bike Lane starts from Dajia District in north and to the Wuri District in the south, a total length of 60 kilometers passing famous tourism sites including the Songbo Fishing Port, Daan Beach Resort, Gaomei Wetlands, Wuqi Fishing Port and Lishui Fishing Port. On this natural ecological and cultural blue coast bike lane, bikers can enjoy the cool wind blowing from the sea and the challenge of small county trails. Autumn is a wonderful time for biking especially for costal bike rides.

The Bureau pointed out that visitors can first arrive at the Dajia Station by train and then go to pray for blessings at the Dajia Chanlan Temple and taste the famous Dajia delicacy, Taro Cake. On their way to the Songbo Fishing Port for biking, they can visit the recently built Tiezhenshan Scenic Area which features the legendary historical and cultural sites- the "Water well of Koxinga's Sword," the "Koxinga Temple" and the artistic "Sculpture Square." The surrounding scenic sites include the National Armed Forces Memorial Park and the Yongxin Sports Park. On the top of Tiezhenshan, visitors can look over the meandering Dajia and Daan Rivers as well as the Taiwan Strait. At the bottom of the mountain, visitors will see the farm villages on land re-plotting zones.

According to the Bureau, when bikers take the Costal Bike Lane to the north, the Songbo Fishing Port on the Dajia Section, they will see the blue sea and sky. The blue and white Greek style flower saucer pot attracts lovers to take photos at this romantic site. Biking on the Coastal Bike Lane and heading south, bikers will then arrive at the Turtle Shell Park and Daan Beach Resort to experience the nice soft sand and Blue Ocean. Bikers can then enjoy more of the amazing sceneries when biking.

The Bureau said beach lovers shall not miss the opportunity to take off their shoes and enjoy running barefoot on the beach. It is also suggested that they take photos of themselves and the beautiful Daan costal sceneries. For fans of extreme sports, surfing is a must try and at night, prior reservations at the camping ground of Daan Beach Resort (https://www.nayangbeach.com.tw/) are recommended for the premium Sea Breeze BBQ Party.

Next morning, riders can ride and head further south to the Gaomei Wetlands to see the amazing and unique elevated wind power generation facilities of Taichung. The famous Gaomei Wetlands were recommended by international media as the must visit local attraction in one’s life. The wood paths paved to protect the wetland ecosystem are like the meandering paths directly connected to the ocean. Beautiful costal sceneries and diverse ecosystem here make it a new popular bird watching site for bird lovers. To respond to seasonal changes, flying migrant birds in crowds are spotted on Gaomei Wetlands.

The Bureau said that for lunch, bikers can ride their bikes to head for east and taste the local delicacy in Qingshui, sticky rice topped with minced pork. Seafood lovers are recommended to dine at the Wuqi Tourism Fishing Port to enjoy port sceneries and fresh seafood after shopping at the various types of fish markets. They are also welcome to take a tourism fishing boat ride for more enjoyment.

In the afternoon, riders can head south and enjoy their ride on the Longjing Dike Bike Lane on the north bank of the Wuxi under the warm autumn sunshine and comfortable sea breeze. They will be able to see the scene in blue and white Mediterranean style. Blue rails decorated with romantic red hearts symbolize the dress of Snow White in the fairy tale. Here is the famous scenic site on Longjing Bike Lane, Lishui Fishing Port, adjacent to "Taichung Coal-fired Power Plant" and "Daduxi Estuary Wild Bird Conservation Area." With magnificent views of Daduxi and flying water birds, the place is also an ideal site to enjoy the limited edition of beautiful winter sunset before concluding the two-day and one-night bike tour in Taichung.

  • Date : 2020-11-26
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