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Beginning of the First "2020 Taichung Women Shopping Festival" on 12/9 with Prize Draws of Gold, Diamond and a Car

  • Date: 2020-12-04
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Registration with Invoices at the Consumption Amount of NT$500 and up to Win the Grand Draw Prize of 1,875 Grams Gold

To continue the spirit of the Taichung Shopping Festival, the Taichung City Government led other cities and counties in Taiwan to target the "She Economy" to organize the first "2020 Taichung Women Shopping Festival" between December 9th this year and February 6th next year. With the consumption amount of NT$500 and above at any participating shop and registration of their invoices on the "Taichung Shopping Festival" app, consumers are eligible to enter prize draws of a diamond ring, a car and the grand prize of 1,875 grams gold. The Taichung City Government would like to push for more consumption and to generate economic growth with the launching of this seasonal shopping festival. The Taichung City Government, today, at the Civic Park organized the press conference of the launch of the "2020 Taichung Women Shopping Festival" and invited the new-generation actress, Eunice Lin to declare the event open with Deputy Mayor, Bruce Ling Hu. "Ladies shall be both beautiful and powerful," said Deputy Mayor Ling Hu. Women have taken multiple roles both at home and at work and women love to shop not only for themselves but also for their family members. According to the statistics of the 2nd Taichung Shopping Festival, consumption of women accounted for more than 60% indicating the importance of the She Economy. Accordingly, the Taichung City Government led other cities and counties in launching the shopping festival targeting women to generate more consumption during Christmas, New Year and the Chinese New Year. Eunice Lin said although she grew up in Taipei, she frequently visits Taichung because of its nice weather, fascinating restaurants and fairly affordable food prices. She said, "She really loves Taichung" and she spent a fortune in the shopping festival although she did not win herself a luxurious house. This time she would like to bring home the grand prize of 1,875 grams gold. Deputy Mayor Ling Hu reminded her that for the first time, the 2020 selection of the MICHELIN Guide includes the city of Taichung and recommended the many starred restaurants, Bib Gourman, and must try dishes. Taichung welcomes all gourmet lovers. According to the Bureau of Economic Development, this year's 2nd Taichung Shopping Festival generated more than 9 billion in revenue and was highly recognized by shops and consumers. The Taichung City Government launched the "the 2020 Taichung Women Shopping Festival" and during the 60-day duration, consumers who shop at any store in Taichung with the consumption amount of NT$500 and above are eligible to register their invoices on the app to obtain a serial number for a prize draw. To provide convenience to consumers, "the 2020 Taichung Women Shopping Festival" uses the same app of "the Taichung Shopping Festival." Consumers only need to download or update to the newest edition for quick scanning of invoice numbers for the prize draw. According to the Bureau, in addition to the grand prize of 1,875 grams gold, there are online daily lucky draws of cosmetic and skincare products and weekly on-site lucky draws of the grand prize of NT$100,000 gift voucher of cosmetic and skincare products, bi-weekly lucky draws of massage chair, monthly lucky draws of a car and a diamond ring. Online draws for other great gifts are also available for consumers. Additionally, to meet the demands of diverse consumption patterns in the post-pandemic era, the shopping event is also made available online with "ET Mall" to allow consumers to shop exceptional products of Taichung. For more event information, please visit the website of the Taichung City Economic Development Bureau (http://www.economic.taichung.gov.tw/). Attendees of today's press conference included Deputy Mayor Ling Hu, Eunice Lin, Councilwomen, Lin Pi-Hsiou and Lee Li-Hua, many female directors of agencies of the Taichung City Government, and "women leaders” from various fields such as sports, fashion, pastry making, department store, food industry, the Taichung Rapid Transit Corporation, police and firefighting brigade, indigenous community, Hakka community, market sector and business to declare the opening of the Festival. The Honor Guard of the National Taichung Girls' Senior High School also presented a wonderful performance with diverse women power.

  • Date : 2020-12-01
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