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Taichung's Online Jazz Concert on 12/12 Featuring Performances of Eve Ai and Emily Guan

  • Date: 2020-12-09
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
The First Time Jazz Performance of Mickey Huang and Huang Yu-Siang

Taichung has good news for Jazz lovers! The Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau is organizing the "2020 Taichung Online Jazz Concert X Live Music Concert" and has invited representative soul and Latin singer Eve Ai and Emily Guan as well as the winners of the Golden Melody Awards for Best Vocal Group, O-Kai SINGERS, and Best Instrument Composer, Huang Yu-Siang. The online concert will be hosted by the well-known host of the Golden Host Awards, the Golden Bell Awards and the Golden Melody Awards, Mickey Huang. In addition to the online concert, a live concert will be scheduled at the National Taichung Theater.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau today (the 3rd) held the press conference of the "2020 Taichung Online Jazz Concert X Live Music Concert" at the Taiwan Boulevard Civic Building and the Taichung Chamber Choir, "Golden Lava" presented a vivid and wonderful performance. Additionally, the well-known host, Mickey Huang, and pianist, Huang Yu-Siang, also performed the classic song "Take Me to Your Heart" in the Jazz atmosphere.

According to Director General of the Cultural Affairs, Chang Ta-chun, due to the pandemic occurrence in 2020, the world has slowed down but that did not stop everyone's passion towards music. To cheer people around the world and convey "the ongoing Jazz spirit," the Bureau especially planned the "2020 Taichung Online Jazz Concert X Live Music Concert" under the theme of "Jazz@Home" to invite Jazz lovers to enjoy the exceptional concert online with family members and friends at home. Additionally, citizens in Taichung were also invited for the live concert at National Taichung Theater on Christmas eve.

The prominent pianist, Huang Yu-Siang, pointed out that he is honored to take a part in the live concert and this was the first time for him to perform with the large-scale Jazz band and choir. This marked the first performance of Arnold Schönberg's Jazz creation of Bach's "Magnificat" and it was a big challenge to combine both classical and Jazz style. He looks forward to the performance.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau said this online Jazz concert invited top Jazz music performers including the representative soul singer and the winner of the Best Female Vocalist--Mandarin of the 28th Golden Melody Award, Eve Ai, as well as the one crowned as "Taiwan's Latin Jazz Queen" and the winner of Most Influential Award of Asia Music Chart, Emily Guan, to perform together with Taipei Jazz Orchestra and Taichung Youth Jazz Band.

This event especially invited flute and saxophone champions of Music Instrument Performance Contest of the Taichung Musical Instrument Festival, Chang Chia-Chia and Li Che-An to perform live. The event will be hosted by the well-known hosts of the Golden Host Awards, the Golden Bell Awards and the Golden Melody Awards, Mickey Huang, who has been known for his interactive and humorous style. The concert is believed to be informative and entertaining and fans will surely have an unforgettable Jazz music night.

According to the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the online Jazz concert is scheduled to be first broadcast globally on the OTT platform, GtTV, at 19:00 between December 12th and 13th. Later, programs will be made available on the LiTV of OTT Platform. At 19:00 between December 14th and 15th, it is scheduled to be broadcast on the fan page of Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen, the "Taichung Jazz Music Festival," and "Little Vanguard of Taichung Cultural Affairs" on Facebook. From December 26th and 27th, a special edition of the online Jazz concert will be featured on cable TV channels of CTI, EBC, ERA Much and TVBS Huanle to present the wonderful program to more music fans.

In addition to the online concert, on Christmas Eve, December 24th, at the National Taichung Theater, the "Jazz Christmas Eve" concert is scheduled to invite the winner of various awards including Best Asian Album and Best Jazz Album of CARAs, the Acapella edition of the Granny Awards CARAs, O-Kai SINGERS. The well-known pianist, Huang Yu-Siang will work with the Taichung Chamber Choir, one of the 109 Taiwan Top Performing Group selected by the National Art and Culture Foundation, and the Taipei Jazz Orchestra to sing Jazz music and Christmas carols. The performance of Arnold Schönberg's Jazz creation of Bach's "Magnificat" is also planned for its first performance in Taiwan.

For more event information, please visit the official website of the Taichung Cultural Affairs Bureau ( https://www.culture.taichung.gov.tw/ ) or the Fan page of the "Taichung Jazz Music Festival" ( https://www.facebook.com/taichungJAZZfestival ).

  • Date : 2020-12-04
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