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Mayor Lu inaugurates Lungs of Taichung "Taichung Central Park" :Ubiquitous breathtaking sceneries and check-in spots

Lungs of Taichung "Taichung Central Park" inaugurated – Mayor Lu: Ubiquitous breathtaking sceneries and check-in spots
Lungs of Taichung "Taichung Central Park" inaugurated – Mayor Lu: Ubiquitous breathtaking sceneries and check-in spots
At 67 hectares, the Taichung Central Park is 2.58 times larger than the Daan Park in Taipei. Inside the park are nearly 10,000 native trees, 12 somatosensory experiential facilities, smart street lights and sensors that embody the concept of Low Carbon, Smart and Innovation. At the inauguration ceremony today (December 6), the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra and the Paper Windmill Theatre were invited to stage exciting performances that drew a crowd of nearly 10,000 people. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen invited the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Lin Chia-Lung and former Mayor Jason Hu to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony. She expressed her gratitude to her predecessors for making sure that the city's administrative work is passed on from mayor to mayor. She also mentioned that Central Park is full of stunning sceneries and check-in spots and everyone is welcome to visit the park to appreciate them in person.
The Central Park is located inside the Shuinan Economic and Trade Park; thanks to the efforts of 3 mayors over a decade, the park is finally opened today. The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra and the Paper Windmill Theatre were invited to stage exciting performances complemented by 3 major bazaars (cultural and creative, agricultural products and gourmet delicacies), attracting nearly 12,000 participants and creating a bustling ambiance.
Mayor Lu commented that the materialization of the Central Park owes thanks to former Mayor, Jason Hu - who strived to obtain the land plot originally allocated for national defense purposes, as well as conducted an international invitation to tender and oversaw the construction of the park – and the Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-Lung (who was the former Mayor of Taichung at the time) for continuing to allocate budget for the project and incorporating new ideas to make the park more comprehensive. When she was elected as Taichung City Mayor, she carried on the legacies of her predecessors to complete the park. The park's inauguration symbolizes passing the baton of the city administration and she is grateful to the 2 former Mayors as well as the budgetary support of the elected representatives for making Central Park the healthiest, most eco-friendly Melody Park in the country.
Mayor Lu elaborated that the park's 3 major trails are color-coded, where blue represents the sports trail, grey represents the family trail and the red represents the recreational trail, totaling 2.5km. Other facilities include tactile, olfactory, and somatosensory installations, solar panels, smart testing devices and 5 water retention ponds designed for drainage and flood prevention purposes. In addition, there are at least 10,000 plants in Central Park that serve as a habitatfor for thousands of creatures such as magpies, light-vented bulbuls and fireflies.
Furthermore, Central Park's Match Lake, a popular destination among Internet celebrities, offers a commanding view of the Kenanaiqin Bridge and it is also a romantic venue for couples. The imagery of the park is also embodied in the unique styled convenience store and the city government has recruited over 100 volunteers to serve visitors at the visitor center. Everyone is invited to come to the park to embrace the fantastic outdoors.
Minister of Transportation and Communications, Lin Chia-Lung thanked the former Mayor Jason Hu for laying a good foundation. When he was elected as the Mayor, he met with French landscape architect Catherine Mosbach, Swiss architect Philippe Rahm, and Ricky Liu & Associates Architects + Planners, where they decided to plant the park with 83% native tree species as well as install 12 somatosensory experiential facilities and a reclaimed water system to endow the Shuinan Park with attributes such as smart technology, low carbon emissions and innovativeness.
Former Mayor Jason Hu commented that the inauguration of Central Park symbolizes the overcoming of daunting challenges. When he was elected as the Mayor, he and Mayor Lu (who was a legislator at the time) joined forces to reclaim the Shuinan Airport land lot. Thereafter, it was up to the former Mayor Lin Chia-Lung and incumbent Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen to ensure the successful completion of the park, hence the people of Taichung are truly blessed.
The Construction Bureau explained that Central Park not only features 12 somatosensory facilities, but more than 1,000 existing trees have also been preserved with the addition of over 10,000 native trees. In addition to 5 retention ponds to regulate water resources and balance the ecological landscape, there are also 3 recreational, family and sports-themed trails totaling 2.5km that join the south and north park areas together. Everyone is welcome to admire the picturesque views and have a good time in the park.
The birth of the Central Park today was witnessed by dignitaries including Mayor Lu, Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-Lung, former Mayor Jason Hu, Deputy-Speaker Li-min Yan, Director of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing of ROCAF Colonel Hsieh Chih-Ming, Legislators Yang Chiung-Ying and Huang Kuo-Shu, City Councilors Lin Pi-Hsiu, Wu Chiung-Hua, Chang Liao Nai-Lun, Chen Yu-Lien, Ran Ling-Hsuan, Lai Shun-Jen, Chen Cheng-Hsien, Li Chung, Li Li-Hua, Huang Hsin-Hui, Chen Chien-Tien, Lo Ting-Wei, Chen Wen-Cheng, Lin Chi-Feng, He Min-Cheng, Chiu Su-Chen, Yang Cheng-Chung, and Liu Shih-Chou, as well as the winner of the international design competition, French landscape designer Catherine Mosbach, and Taiwanese architect Rick Liu.

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  • Data update: 2020-12-14
  • Publish Date: 2020-12-07
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