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Opening of the first station mall in central Taiwan - Tielu Avenue :  Mayor Lu: Revitalizes the old city district

Opening of the first station mall in central Taiwan - Tielu Avenue – Mayor Lu: Revitalizing the old city district
Opening of the first station mall in central Taiwan - Tielu Avenue – Mayor Lu: Revitalizing the old city district
The TRA Taichung Station's new station mall "Tielu Avenue" officially opened its doors to the public today (December 6), introducing approximately 40 stores including a food court, theme restaurants, souvenir shops and convenience stores, providing convenient in-station shopping service for citizens. When attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen commented that Tielu Avenue is managed by a team under the leadership of Te Chang Construction Chairman, Huang Cheng-Yung. In conjunction with infrastructures such as the elevated railway, opening of Dazhi Rd. and the Taichung Overpass, it has gradually been transformed into a cultural and creative hub that is set to restore the old city district to its former glory.
According to Mayor Lu, when she used to reside on Zhongzheng Rd., she hung on in areas near the train station, so they have special sentimental meaning to her. When she was elected as a legislator, she advised the former Minister of Transportation and Communications Mao Chi-Kuo and Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu to develop the elevated railway. More than a decade later and with the MOTC funding the entire TWD 30 billion-plus project, the elevation of the 21km stretch of railroad from the TRA Fengyuan Station to Daqing Station has finally materialized to alleviate the problem of unbalanced development between the front and the rear station, in turn accelerating urban integration. Furthermore, she has also successfully demolished the Dazhihui Academy Building to open up Dazhi Rd., thereby revitalizing Taichung's Southeast, West Central and the North Districts.
Mayor Lu also indicated that under the leadership of the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Lin Chia-Lung, the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) has laid out a sound plan that is given 100% support from the Taichung City Government. Therefore, subsequent projects such as the opening of Dazhi Rd. and the Taichung Overpass were implemented to further develop the surrounding area. She wishes every success for the future of the new mall and the revitalization of the train station.
The Cultural Affairs Bureau elaborated that Te Chang Construction was awarded the TRA, MOTC's Taichung Station Railway Cultural Park Turnkey Project in 2018 and founded the chartered company called Classic Railway International Co., Ltd. to manage the park. Moreover, the 2.9-hectare park was renamed as the Taichung Station Railway Cultural Park; centered on the new and old TRA Taichung Station, the complex encompasses the new station mall, the national historic monument TRA Taichung Station, historic building No. 20 Warehouse Cluster, as well as TRA Taichung Rear Station, Train Drivers' Dormitory and the vacant space under the elevated railroad., etc.
In particular, the new station mall "Tielu Avenue" features a food court, souvenir shops and theme restaurants on the first floor, serving a variety of hot meals, desserts, ice creams and pastries. There is also a general merchandise store. On the second floor, there are handmade dairy products, light meals, coffee and a convenience store. Whether or not accessing the front/rear station via the first or second floor, people can enjoy convenient shopping services in the station.
Dignitaries including Mayor Lu, Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-Lung, Secretariat Huang Chung-Tien, Cultural Affairs Bureau Director General Chang Ta-Chun, Urban Development Bureau Director-General Huang Wen-Ping, Transportation Bureau Director General Yeh Chao-Fu, Tourism and Travel Bureau Deputy Director General Cheng Lung-Wei, TRA, MOTC Deputy Director General Chu Lai-Shun, TRA Taichung Transportation Branch Chief Su Chen-Lin, TRA Assets Development Center Vice President Liu Jui-Hung, Legislator Huang Kuo-Shu, City Councilors He Min-Cheng, Chiang Chao-Kuo, Luo Tin-Wei, Te Chang Construction Chairman Huang Cheng-Yung, Classic Railway International Co., Ltd. President Lin Hui-Wu and architect Hsieh Wen-Tai attended the event.

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  • Data update: 2020-12-14
  • Publish Date: 2020-12-07
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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