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Romantic Christmas Dancing Water and Light Show in Taichung on 12/11

  • Date: 2020-12-15
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Beautiful Dancing Water Movement along with Sounds and Lights

"The 2020 Christmas Celebration in Taichung" will be launched between December 11th and 27th and this year, for the first time, the Christmas Dancing Water and Light Show will be held along Liouchuan. Tonight (9th), the trial lighting was done with beautiful dancing water in a fun and romantic atmosphere. The main Christmas tree, "the Tree of Praise" composed of 9,999 colorful bows was introduced to the public and each bow presents the warmest blessings and symbolizes united efforts to curtail the pandemic.

Mayor of Taichung, Lu Shiow-Yen, tonight arrived at Liouchuan to host the trial lighting for Taichung's first Christmas Dancing Water and Light Show. The ripple effect of the water column was shown on the surface of Liouchuan and along with the fun rhythm, the laser projections present interesting images of Christmas to attract the public attention. Liouchuan Christmas Dancing Water and Light Show is scheduled to be on every 30 minutes from 17:30 to 21:30 daily between December 11th and 27th.

Director General of the Information Bureau of the Taichung City Government, Huang Guo-Wei, said unlike before, Christmas this year will not only feature luminous lighting decorations but for the first time, the dynamic Christmas Dancing Water and Light Show will be held along Liouchuan to create the visual sensation with the glint of water and romantic atmosphere. He emphasized that the water source is from the river and after the show, the water will be returned to the river. There is no need to connect to the tap water for performances. Each step is carefully monitored from planning, river conservation, construction and to the performance.

Director Huang also said that due to the severe situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are suffering and facing challenges. Thus, this year, the local artist, Hsiao Ming-Yu, was especially invited to use 9,999 red bows to build the 11-meter high main tree, "the Tree of Praise;" each bow presents the warmest blessings and calls for unified efforts to curtail the pandemic.

The Bureau said this year's Christmas lighting incorporates with features of mountain, ocean and local towns. The theme of Liouchuan scenic section (between Taiwan Boulevard and Minquan Rd.) was a fantastic theme park featuring five sets of lighting decoration combining Taichung City's mascots and local industries including "Lai Hu and Fantastic White Dolphin" of costal tourism, "Omima and Magic Snow" of Houli's saxophone, "Father Tiger and Fortunate Candy Cane" of Xingzhong Candy Street, "Le Hu and Magic Christmas Stocking" of Taichung's floral industry and "Mother Tiger and Big Surprising Gif" and pastry culture. Additionally, there is a hidden lighting decoration, "Taichung Ho Ho Ho" showing Santa is sneaking a break from his busy work and enjoying his Taichung pearl milk tea.

Furthermore, on Liouchuan Scenic Section (Chengkong Rd.-Taiwan Boulevard, Zhongshan Rd.), there is a magic Christmas forest which features many divine animals. The theme lighting decoration is a "Mystical Stag" at the height of 4 meters. The legend states that the white stag will make your wish come true. Incorporated with foggy laser projection, the fantastic magic world is built. For more information, please visit the fan page of "Young Taichung"(http://bit.ly/2QYgkmU).

  • Date : 2020-12-10
  • Hit: 65

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