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Popular guided tours at 3 major scenic areas in Jiaankeng, Taichung, Perfect family destination

Frolicking in the waters of Da-an Sea Theme Park beach
Frolicking in the waters of Da-an Sea Theme Park beach
The highly popular annual scenic area guided tour activity has kicked off! Whether it is the phytoncide-rich Dakeng Ecological Park, ecologically diverse Trail 5-1 and Trail 7, the Tiezhenshan Scenic Area in Dajia or the Da-an Sea Theme Park, where the sky and the ocean merge seamlessly in the horizon, the Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau offers guided tour services at regular hours and locations during the holidays to provide visitors with a memorable and knowledgeable journey of Taichung.
If you like the outdoors and wish to gain knowledge about the flora and fauna of the scenic area, as well as the area's culture and history, the Tourism and Travel Bureau invites you and your family to take a trip to Jiaankeng to get away from the city. You will appreciate the natural and cultural beauty of Taichung's 3 major scenic areas. This is an essential destination for outdoor enthusiasts.
According to Tourism and Travel Bureau Director-General Lin Hsiao-Chi, Taichung's 3 major scenic areas including Dakeng, Tiezhenshan in Dajia and Da-an Sea Theme Park all offer distinct features and charisma. The bureau has trained over 90 professional guides to provide free guided tour services at regular hours and locations during the holidays so that people of all ages will be accompanied by enthusiastic guide volunteers when visiting Jiaankeng Scenic Area. In turn, they not only gain an understanding of the ecological environment as well as local culture and history but can also appreciate the charisma of Jiaankeng. Besides the weekend tour guide service, people with guided tour needs during weekdays may apply to the Taichung City Scenic Area Administration one month in advance.
Director-General Lin further commented that the bureau's 3 major scenic areas in Jiaankeng each boasts of unique landscapes. For example, Dakeng offers rich natural resources and natural ecology, while the 12 hiking trails with different challenging levels are ideal holiday destinations for the public. They may also explore Koxinga's legendary stories at the Tiezhenshan in Dajia, the all-age inclusive recreational facilities that were inaugurated in September last year or take in the breathtaking view of the Taiwan Strait from the Tiezhenshan viewing platform. For ocean lovers, they can check-in at the luxurious camping site in Da-an Sea Theme Park to feel total relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. Everyone is invited to visit the 3 major scenic areas in Jiaankeng, Taichung!
Director-General Lin reminded that since the Daan Coastal Tourist Information Center is currently under renovation, guided tour service at Da-an Sea Theme Park will be temporarily unavailable. The service is expected to resume in April this year (2021), so please remember the date. Those interested may log on to the Taichung City Scenic Area Administration's official website (https://www.scenic.taichung.gov.tw/) to check guided tour service hours and transport-related information.
Furthermore, due to the pandemic, please remember to wear masks and wash your hands while enjoying the sights and gourmet delicacies of Taichung City. Please also remember to keep a 1.5m social distance and make sure to maintain personal hygiene and outbreak prevention measures!
Tourism Taichung website (https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/)
Taichung City Scenic Area Administration website (https://www.scenic.taichung.gov.tw) Taichung Travel Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/taichungresort)

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  • Data update: 2021-02-05
  • Publish Date: 2021-01-29
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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