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Updated Taichung Tourism Promotional Materials that Increase its Popularity: "Taichung-A Vibrant City"

In 2020, Taichung City was visited by more than 45.8 person times, topping other cities and counties in Taiwan. This good news was shared by various circles and was highly recognized. The Taichung City Government would like to have more citizens in Taichung understand and participate in the process for building, promoting and shaping Taichung into a tourism friendly city over the past year. The Tourism and Travel Bureau especially used simple data and interactive animation to present its achievements in 2020 and updated its tourism promotion materials "Taichung-A Vibrant City" to re-interpret Taichung, a city with diverse cultures and charming sceneries, in vivid, intriguing and colorful ways with the aim of continuously implementing Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen's policy goal of "Taichung a rich city developed by its tourism" and to set a new record of the number of visitors to Taichung this year (2021)!
Director General of the Tourism and Travel Bureau, Shiau-chi, said last year (2020) that the COVID-19 virus affected the tourism industry, but the Taichung City Government worked hand in hand with the tourism industry to overcome difficulties, successfully curtail the pandemic and build a safe tourism environment. Thus, Taichung outperformed other cities and counties in Taiwan, attracting the highest number of visitors! After the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival that was attended by more than 11.82 person times and created a tourism turnover of NT$15.6 billion, the Bureau continuously organized 15 highlighted theme events attended by more than 4.11 million person times and creating a tourism turnover of about NT$9.334 billion. To actively attract visitors, the Bureau organized and participated in 25 group tours and tour show to keep in touch with 1,500 operators and 610,000 tourists.
In terms of hotel consultation and management, 21 hotels were assisted to set up and 10 were certified for low carbon and at the same time, 332 suite apartments for daily rental were inspected, an increase of 17.3% compared to that in 2019. Taichung also received the excellence award for its hotel management efficiency. During the pandemic, the Bureau continuously prepared and maintained its exceptional tourism environment by investing NT$84.80 million on the newly added six bike paths with a length of 18.21 kilometers and building 13-starred bike stations to provide a comfortable rest environment and equipment for bikers. Additionally, the Bureau invested about NT$58.79 million to optimize seven mountain trails. In 2020, the Bureau worked with great efforts during the pandemic to promote Taichung, provide the tourism industry with transformation consultation and improve tourism construction and successfully led the tourism industry in Taichung to overcome difficulties.
Director General Lin pointed out that Taichung is now Taiwan's number tourism destination city and how to market Taichung to the world became an important issue. Her Bureau this year (2021) formally updated the tourism materials, "Taichung-A Vibrant City" to re-interpret Taichung's vibrant features in a colorful manner by launching four types of theme in four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Natural, historical and gourmet food information were also included and materials were put at each tourist service center for free pickup. The Bureau expected that every visitor to Taichung will be able to get to know this vibrant city in a more relaxed way.
According to the Bureau, in "Taichung-A Vibrant City," elements such as photos, color blocks, texts and lines were incorporated to present the beauty of Taichung and to introduce famous scenic sites of Taichung to its visitors. In addition to trip planning and maps, detailed descriptions, tour tips and public transportation information were also provided. The four types of theme included "Vibrant Taichung-Recommended Tourism Sites" which introduce Taichung's best tourism sites for sightseeing, eating and shopping; "Knowledgeable Taichung-History and Culture" which guides visitors from the downtown area to get to know Taichung's foundation of its hundred-year culture; "Charming Taichung-Natural Landscape" that introduces various featured gourmet foods in Taichung, Taiwan's gourmet city, especially including the selected restaurants in "MICHELIN Guide Taipei and Taichung 2020. "
The Bureau sincerely welcomes every visitor to Taichung for its featured gourmet foods, souvenirs and exceptional recreational environment to feel the passion of this vibrant city. At the same time, when staying at "safe and comfortable hotels," in Taichung, visitors will have a good time and be protected from the pandemic. During the pandemic prevention period, the public is reminded to wear face masks, wash their hands, maintain safe social distance and follow the government's measures of pandemic prevention and control.
※ Please download the E-book, "Taichung–A Vibrant City" on the Publication webpage of Taichung Tourism and Travel Net:https://reurl.cc/zz71jQ
※ Download of the "2020 Policy Result Animation" on Taichung Tourism and Travel Net at https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2521448101494390 is welcome.
※ For relevant tourism information, please check
Taichung Tourism and Travel Net: https://travel.taichung.gov.tw
Discount information and list of safe and comfortable hotel operators (updated from time to time):https://is.gd/6rD4NF
Have Fun in Taichung-Facebook Fanpage of the Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau:

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  • Data update: 2021-03-11
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  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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