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Celebrating the soft opening of TMRT Green Line Little Green Mart opens in 7 stations

Vending machines at the Nantun Station along the TMRT Green Line have turned into a photogenic destination for Internet celebrities
Vending machines at the Nantun Station along the TMRT Green Line have turned into a photogenic destination for Internet celebrities
The TMRT Green Line will commence its soft opening from March 25 to April 23 and the eagerly anticipated Little Green Mart merchandise is ready to meet its fans. Little Green Mart vending machines have been installed across 18 stations and the Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (TMRTC) has unveiled vending machines in 7 stations including Songzhu Station and Wenxin Zhongqing Station, while the vending machines in the remaining stations are expected to be opened on March 25. Besides selling Little Green Mart merchandise, the exterior design of the vending machines also draws inspiration from nearby destinations, turning them into photoshoot hot spots for Internet celebrities, attracting a lot of fans to purchase the products.
TMRTC has already opened the vending machines in Wenxin Forest Park Station, Nantun Station, Daqing Station and Wuri Station on February 25, drawing a large number of fans to take photos and upload them to social media. The vending machines also sell TMRT-themed products and snacks. The hot sellers in the 4 abovementioned stations mainly consist of TMRT-themed products, accounting for 80% of the overall revenue generated by the vending machines. In particular, the 3 most popular products are the Little Green pull-back car, Little Green model stapler, and UV umbrella.
According to the TMRTC, in celebrating the soft opening of the Green Line, vending machines in all 18 stations along the line have already been installed. Besides the 4 abovementioned stations, vending machines in Songzhu Station, Wenxin Zhongqing Station, and Jiude Station will be opened today, allowing the fans to purchase their favorite merchandise in these 7 stations. Apart from cash, diverse payment methods including electronic tickets, credit card and mobile payment are also available.
Furthermore, vending machines in Fengle Park Station, Nantun Park Station, Wenxin Park Station and THSR Taichung Station are elaborately decorated as photogenic spots for Internet celebrities. Furthermore, the adorable Little Green mascot will also make an appearance at Fengle Park Station and Nantun Park Station, turning them into popular check-in destinations. The exterior design of vending machines in other stations draws inspiration from nearby tourist destinations; for example, Beitun Main Station evokes images of the Dakeng Trail; Wenxin Chongde Station near the Intercontinental Baseball Stadium features the exciting and thrilling images of a baseball game; musical elements are infused into the design of the Taichung City Hall Station near the National Taichung Theater, while the laughing, playing, joyous images of school children adorn the Sihwei Elementary School Station, symbolizing how the Little Green accompanies children growing up. Such design aims to market Taichung and invite fans to embark on a relaxing journey in Taichung aboard the Little Green.

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  • Data update: 2021-03-23
  • Publish Date: 2021-03-16
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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